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Tangerine peel with white tea, mouth is the essence: flat tangerine peel moonlight white tea 69 yuan (millet 85 yuan)

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [Pingze Flagship Store]

Pingze 5-year collection edition tangerine peel moonlight white tea 40 tablets (8 boxes of 200g in total) daily price 139 yuan, today's big promotion price 109 yuan.

Superimposed 40 yuan limited time coupon, paid 69 yuan POS EXPRESS:

Tmall Pingze Orange Peel Moonlight White Tea 200g5 Years Collection Edition 5 tablets * 8 boxes of coupons 69 yuan after receiving 40 yuan coupons portable small square tablets of pressed tea, millet has the same product daily price of 139 yuan, today's big promotion price 85 yuan: click here to view.

This model is produced by Yunnan Xianggu Tea Industry Co., Ltd.(click here to view the official website), and "Xinhui tangerine peel + Yunnan moonlight white tea" is selected.

Orange pure tangerine peel, with sweet alcohol smooth Yunnan moonlight white tea.

A perfect classic partner, each bite is the power of plant essence, rich in tea polyphenols, flavonoids, amino acids, hesperidin.

5 years of natural aging, bring double mellow, open the taste buds of a new experience.

In addition, as a "Xiaomi" start-up company (Hangzhou Tea No. Technology Co., Ltd.), Pingze's reputation has been good for the past two years.

Tmall Pingze Orange Peel Moonlight White Tea 200g 5-year collector's edition 5 tablets * 8 boxes coupon 69 yuan get 40 yuan coupon

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