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Elago launches Apple Macintosh-style MagSafe vertical charging bracket for $25

2024-04-13 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--, December 1 (Xinhua)-- elago today launched an MS M4 vertical MagSafe charging bracket (without a charger) in the shape of Apple's classic Macintosh style.

The charging stand claims to bring Apple's classic Macintosh design to users' desks and nightstands, supports iOS17's "standby display" function, and the bottom of the charger protrudes to allow non-MagSafe devices to charge. found that the MS M4 charging bracket does not contain a MagSafe charger, just a shell, users need to bring their own charging cable, this charging bracket is not yet on the shelves of the National Bank, the US price is $25 ( Note: currently about 179 yuan).

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