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DJI launches three accessories for Inspire 3 UAV: blade protection cover, head shock absorber ball, and remote control hood with screen, starting from 199RMB.

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Thank netizens for saying well _ so I bought the clues of Daniel Wu in South China!, December 1 (Xinhua) according to DJI DJI Innovations's official Weibo, DJI last night launched three new accessories for DJI Inspire 3, namely, a blade protection cover, a pan-top camera shock absorber ball and a screen remote control hood.

According to the official introduction of 1999 yuan, the blade protection cover can isolate the propeller from the outside of the UAV, prevent the propeller from accidentally injuring people, and at the same time prevent foreign objects from hitting the propeller and improve flight safety. It is suitable for use indoors or in an environment with many obstacles. noted that after the installation of the blade cover, the obstacle avoidance function of Inspire 3 failed, and the flight performance and wind resistance decreased.

The shock absorber ball of the head camera can connect the X9-8K Air head camera and the aircraft, while effectively reducing the vibration of the head during flight.

If it is found that the shock absorber ball is damaged, shedding, aging and softening, it should be replaced in time, otherwise the shooting effect may be affected or flight accidents may occur.

DJI RC Plus screen remote control screen shade 249RMB protects the DJI RC Plus screen from strong light interference and provides photographers with more accurate picture transmission images.

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