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Microsoft responded to the query of weakening Rewards: it will continue to operate and provide more value to users through multiple channels.

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Shulou( Report-- December 1 news, Microsoft last weekend adjusted the Microsoft Rewards app, canceled the daily maximum of 20 points Edge browser tasks, caused user confusion and dissatisfaction.

Microsoft today tweaked the Microsoft Rewards app again, reducing the reward for multi-task credits to single digits, leading some users to think Microsoft is closing the app.

A Microsoft spokesperson issued a statement via email saying that Microsoft Rewards app will continue to operate. translated the statement as follows:

The Microsoft Rewards project has grown considerably over the past few years, and we regularly adjust the app based on growth and expansion.

We evaluate each change for consistency and fairness and adjust how and how often members earn points.

Members can earn Microsoft Rewards points for searching through Bing, surfing the web through Edge, gaming on Xbox, or shopping in the Microsoft Store, and be happy with the extra rewards they earn.

Our goal is to focus on our members and continue to provide more value to users through multiple channels. We pay close attention to user feedback and continuously improve user satisfaction.

We thank Microsoft Rewards members for their enthusiasm and loyalty and are excited about the future of the program.

On Reddit, some users expressed disappointment at the lack of Edge points in Microsoft Rewards and planned to switch to other browsers as a form of protest.

One user said they planned to use Chrome again, while another mentioned going back to Firefox, citing upcoming changes to Chrome's ad-blocker.

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