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Stronger power, knife technology, knife electric car Qingfeng, the choice of young people in town.

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Shulou( Report--

In recent years, electric vehicles, as an environmentally friendly and convenient way of travel, have been favored by more and more consumers. Among many electric vehicles, the knife electric vehicle brand, which has been leading in sales nationwide for 6 consecutive years, launched the aerospace power system after becoming a partner of China's aerospace industry. With its excellent dynamic performance and excellent quality, the representative model Qingfeng Xia stands out in the market and becomes the heart of a group of urban youth.

As a model equipped with aerospace power system jointly developed by Knife Electric Vehicle and China Academy of Aerospace Science and Industry, Qingfeng Xia's power performance can be said to be the leading industry. Aerospace power system, acceleration 4 seconds 1, aerospace science and technology technical support, so that its performance is extraordinary, breaking the power limitations of traditional electric vehicles. Whether commuting to the city or traveling through the countryside, the Knife Electric Vehicle Aerospace Power System Green Front Man allows you to enjoy the powerful power of aerospace technology to bring fast travel!

In addition, Qingfeng Xia also has the kinetic energy strength of climbing like flat ground. Taking aerospace power motor as an example, it has three core material upgrades, such as automotive-grade silicon steel sheet, aerospace military-grade 38SH permanent magnetic steel, H-class enameled copper wire, etc., which have higher performance, but also have better stability and durability. The upgrade of these key materials has greatly improved the service life of the knife electric vehicle and extended the service life of its products.

In addition, the knife electric vehicle aerospace powertrain Qingfeng Xia also pays attention to the improvement of user experience. In addition to the aerospace power controller can automatically adjust the power output according to the road conditions, flat road acceleration faster, climbing more powerful, front and rear double disc brake devices also bring more efficient safety to users; ergonomic design and high elastic saddle, motor-class hydraulic shock absorption, etc., not only can effectively reduce the bumpy feeling caused by uneven road surface, but also stretch the sitting posture, also make riding easier and easier to control. In addition, the ACS intelligent power supplement system unique to the knife electric vehicle can run 5 kilometers without electricity, so that travel more worry-free!

The advent of the aerospace power system of the knife electric vehicle, especially Qingfeng Xia, is gradually becoming the choice of urban youth. Thanks to the help of aerospace science and technology, it is a new power revolution exploration for the electric vehicle industry. Through the integration of technical support and superior resources of aerospace science and technology, knife electric vehicles have taken a new step in power performance and quality. It not only brings users a comfortable riding experience, but also shows the strength and innovation ability of China's electric vehicle manufacturing industry to the world.

In the future, knife electric vehicles will certainly continue to maintain close cooperation with aerospace science and technology, continuously promote technological innovation and product upgrading, and provide users with more diversified and high-quality travel options. With the help of excellent national brand knife electric vehicles, we believe that future travel will become more convenient and beautiful!

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