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Android Studio 2023.1.1 updated 160; stable version: upgrade the underlying platform of IntelliJ, improve interface and performance, etc.

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Shulou( Report-- December 1, 2023 Android Studio"Hedgehog" stable version (2023.1.1) is now available, according to Google Developer Blog press release.

This version mainly updates the underlying IntelliJ platform to 2023.1, improves performance efficiency, optimizes interface logic, Jetpack Compose faster development speed, and adds device mirroring function, friends can click here to visit the project address. organizes specific new features as follows:

App Quality Insights tool improvements App Quality Insights can now view crash reports from any App published on the Google Play Store without adding additional instruments to the app.

Developers can quickly view, filter, filter issues with Android vitals, understand crash causes, and jump to code from the App Quality Insights window.

Power Profiler The new Power Profiler displays power consumption on a device. It displays power consumption information through a subsystem called "Power Rails," which helps developers visualize the correlation between power consumption and the actions taking place in an application.

Officials claim that this method of directly measuring power consumption differs from traditional energy analyzers, which use only models to estimate energy consumption.

After developers know the energy consumption situation, they can compare the power consumption of different algorithms, functions and even different versions of the App through A / B testing to identify and fix power consumption problems in the app. Relevant Power Rails data is available on Pixel 6 + devices running Android 10 +.

Android SDK Upgrade AssistantAndroid Studio Hedgehog has added the Android SDK Upgrade Assistant, a tool that helps developers upgrade to the target SDK version (Android 14, API level 34), as well as additional dependency filters to remove unnecessary steps and, in some cases, the Upgrade Assistant will pinpoint exactly where code changes need to be made.

IDE's new UI The IDE has a new user interface. This redesigned theme claims to reduce visual complexity and provide easier access to basic features, resulting in a more modern, cleaner interface.

In addition, the official Android Studio has been updated to add compact mode, vertical and horizontal split, and project tabs for macOS versions.

Device Mirrors Developers can now mirror their physical Android devices in Android Studio's Running Devices window.

When ADB is used to mirror a device's display to Android Studio using USB or Wi-Fi, users can perform common actions directly from Android Studio, such as launching and interacting with apps, rotating the screen, folding and unfolding the phone, adjusting volume, and more.

Embedded Layout Inspector Users can run the Layout Inspector directly in the Run Devices window. This feature significantly improves layout inspector performance, saves screen space, helps organize UI debugging workflows in a single tool window, and improves speed when inspecting layouts.

In embedded mode, developers can display the view hierarchy, examine the properties of each view, navigate to code using "deep inspection" mode, and access other common layout inspector features.

Gallery mode is a new mode in authoring previews that allows developers to focus on one preview at a time to save rendering resources. Use gallery mode when iterating over the UI and switch to another mode (grid or list) when you need to see UI variations.

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