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In-depth analysis of Lai Ye Technology: the efficiency of ITR has increased by 40%. How can this company effectively serve thousands of customers?

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In the process of digital transformation of Chinese enterprises, the information and data processing is cumbersome, the problem of "digital isolated island" is highlighted, and the labor cost is rising, so there is an urgent need to introduce digital labor.

Every year, trillions of dollars are spent on boring, repetitive, unproductive jobs that can be assisted by automation technology, and employees expect motivation to be activated. to engage in more meaningful and attractive challenges.

But with the advances in artificial intelligence technology and various digital tools, we may have reached an exciting critical turning point.

Laiyi Technology, a provider of intelligent digital labor, was founded in 2015 and is the world's leading brand of digital labor. Through integrated collaboration, process Automation Robot (RPA), Dialogue Robot (Chatbot) and Intelligent document recognition Robot (IDP), Laiyi Technology builds a low-code digital labor force platform to fully support customers' business development needs.

In 2022, Laiyi Science and Technology released a new digital labor force platform, crossing the gap between work and implementation, returning to the foundation and core of human-computer collaboration, and helping government and enterprises to achieve human-computer coordination in the intelligent era.

At present, corporate customers in various industries such as science and technology, communications, power, retail and other industries, as well as public utilities such as smart cities, government services, medical and social insurance, public and colleges and universities, have achieved in-depth breakthroughs and penetration of various business scenarios, and built end-to-end automation solutions that have served more than 200 top 500 enterprises, 200 provincial and municipal government agencies and thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises. Seven of the top 10 companies in the 2021 Fortune 500 list are using intelligent automation products from Laiya Technology.

This paper will make an in-depth analysis of the key methods and successful paths to improve the efficiency of ITR, and provide a digital transformation model of customer service for IT enterprises.


External close should be fast, internal close should be deep.

Improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance service and obtain better customer satisfaction

So far, Laiyi Technology has served thousands of customers. In addition to paid software, Laige Technology also has the largest free software robot development community in China, with 770000 + developers. Although the community version software has played a great help in the construction of the whole ecology of Laiye technology, it has also brought great challenges to its customer service.

Talking about the operation and maintenance service of science and technology, Fan Lihong, a partner and senior vice president of Laiye Technology Company, points out: "the operation and maintenance service in the field of IT software has its own characteristics and difficulties. Compared with other industries, the operation and maintenance service in IT industry is more professional and more diversified, so it has higher requirements for service ITR."

Mr. Fan Lihong, partner and Senior Vice President of Laiye Technology Co., Ltd.

The current situation and problems of Laiye science and technology operation and maintenance service:

1. The after-sales entrance is single, and the interaction is poor.

Only the entrance of the PC side, and "forum" messages, the timeliness is very poor.

2. Unable to serve customers accurately

Can not mark the level of customers, and according to different levels of customers to distinguish SLA standards, can not accurately serve customers.

3. The call center is independent of the work order

As a result, in the process of solving the problem, the process can not be traced back, and the problem needs to be organized manually.

4. No customer CRM

It is not possible to view customer service from a customer point of view.

5. Lack of comprehensive BI report

Can not be comprehensive, timely, profound display of various dimensions of the problems and index data, rely on manual production of reports.

6. The work order system is independent of the company information system.

It is independent from platforms such as CRM and Flying Book, which leads to an isolated island of information.

Laiye Technology has been committed to promoting the digital transformation of operation and maintenance services, and is actively looking for relevant customer service solutions. for the above service difficulties, Laiye Technology has decided to upgrade its after-sales support system. Laiya Technology puts forward two construction requirements:

External close should be fast, improve the speed of solving customer problems, and improve customer satisfaction; internal close should be deep, problems should be able to record and analyze. After solving the problem, review it to form a knowledge base or avoid the recurrence of the same problem.

After many studies, Laiyi Technology found that intelligent customer service products can fully meet the application needs, coupled with organizational adjustment, to concentrate the operation and maintenance support team to Changsha, the combination of the two, Laiyi Technology began the practice of digital transformation of IT operation and maintenance services.

Fan Lihong, partner and senior vice president of Laiye Technology Co., Ltd., said that after helping me launch, the application effect has greatly exceeded expectations:

First of all, by helping me, we sort out all the technical support work, all technical support by helping me access all-channel customer consultation, intelligent customer service to solve 80% of similar problem consultation, technical support personnel only need to focus on solving more valuable and complex customer problems, reduce a lot of repetitive work, and improve the service enthusiasm of technical personnel.

Secondly, help me to optimize the overall service ITR process. The operation and maintenance work orders are transferred efficiently among the first, second and third line technologies, and the ITR efficiency is improved by 40%.

Thirdly, help me with intelligent quality inspection and intelligent BI to provide support for technical support performance appraisal. By strengthening the assessment management of employees, employees can complete the service work more efficiently.

Through process optimization, efficiency improvement and digital assessment, Laiyue Technology has effectively saved 4 FTE (full-time employees) and greatly reduced the cost of operation and maintenance services.


Decomposition of the landing practice of Laiyi science and technology operation and maintenance service

1. Multi-channel unified access to customer consultation

Once upon a time, Laiyi Technology served customers through community "forum" messages, WeChat groups, 400 phones and so on, the system was fragmented, the efficiency of problem solving was difficult to be guaranteed, and customer satisfaction was low. Fan Lihong, partner and senior vice president of Laige Technology Company, concluded, "by helping me, Laiyi Technology can connect PC Web, Wechat official account, 400 telephone and other channels, customer consultation can be unified access to help me platform for rapid response, problem solving efficiency can be improved by about 60%, ensuring customer satisfaction."

2. Distinguish the customer level and serve the customer accurately.

Free community user consultation used to be a big problem for Laiyi Technology customer service. By helping me connect with Laiya Technology Flying Book and CRM, Laiyi Technology carries out grade restrictions on consulting customers, free community users no longer flow into the line of technical support, but directly convert their needs to the community to solve, so that the limited resources are more focused on accurate service to paying customers, customer experience has been qualitatively improved.

3. Effectively precipitate knowledge problems and enable business growth.

Help me to help the construction of enterprise knowledge management, bring long-term benefits for enterprises with low cost. Laiyi Technology can structurally classify and organize problems according to historical customer problems, product functions, use, configuration, FAQ, etc., upload documents with one click, and automatically build enterprise operation and maintenance service knowledge base, which can not only be applied to customer self-service, but also enhance the service skills of operation and maintenance personnel to open the last kilometer of enterprise knowledge application.

4. Standardize ITR process and make collaboration more efficient.

Help me to provide a highly flexible service process for Laiye Technology to achieve a lifecycle closed-loop process from customer problem initiation to customer problem solving.

Based on helping me with the work order, Laiyi Technology sorts out the core, most common and most high-frequency scenarios of daily operation and maintenance business, such as first-line online customer service connected to customer consultation, and when the problem cannot be handled independently, one click to generate a work order and transfer it to the second-line customer service, if there is any demand flow to the third-line production and research processing. Work orders can distinguish SLA according to different levels of customers, make limited resources more focused on serving important customers, and improve ITR efficiency by 40%.

In addition, according to different customer problems and scenarios, create different types of work orders, plan different work order circulation paths, and efficiently and flexibly land each customer consultation.

Fan Lihong, partner and senior vice president of Laiyi Technology Co., Ltd., said, "help me to flexibly adapt to all kinds of different processes of technology, and through work order OLA / SLA management, intelligent quality inspection, interactive reminder, role management, not only run smoothly in the process, but also complete the construction of the quality system, so that the whole operation and maintenance service process is orderly, high quality and efficient. It really helps us to build customer service into a solid and powerful rear area of technology. "

5. BI enabling decision-making

Help me with the one-stop big data BI report system, help Laiyi Technology to record and integrate online customer service data, call center data, work order data and problem data, and complete data analysis. In addition, help me to classify all problems and early warning, such as when the problem exceeds a certain threshold, trigger the BI system, send early warning, the relevant information is timely communicated to the corresponding person in charge, optimization processing, in order to avoid risk.

Through the fine data analysis of the whole service process, science and technology also use data to drive products and services, provide product optimization direction with data, and provide a scientific and effective support basis for the decision-making of internal products and services.



In the digital age, enterprises choose excellent digital labor force and actively start digital transformation in order not to be left behind and to maintain their own strength and competitiveness. As a leading provider of intelligent digital labor force in the industry, Laiyi Technology has opened a high-speed expansion mode around the world through the powerful guarantee of customer service, and has become an important engine for the digital transformation of customer service in IT enterprises.

In the future, Laiyi Technology will be deeply integrated with help me, using the leading customer service system to provide customers with more innovative products and services, and lay a solid foundation for high-speed expansion of the global market.

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