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AOC computer all-in-one computer enters "Belt and Road Initiative", hand in hand to create a new future of information development.

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Shulou( Report--

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative. Over the past ten years, exchanges and cooperation between "Belt and Road Initiative" and "freehand brushwork" have yielded fruitful results from "freehand brushwork" to "meticulous painting". AOC computer Division is deeply integrated into the general pattern of jointly building "Belt and Road Initiative", implementing the results of cooperation in education projects in Uzbekistan, and continuously expanding the market influence of TPV Science and Technology Group in Central Asia.

Since November 14, 2023, Ren Jingshun, Associate Manager of TPV Technology Group, led a delegation to visit Uzbekistan to inspect the market. Zheng Xuejun, General Manager of sales of AOC computer all-in-one, Luo Lijian, Director of Product Solutions, Li Shanshan, Director of sales, and partners accompanied the visit.

On November 15, the TPV Science and Technology Group delegation visited Public School 196 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, which was founded in 1969 and is located in Olmazar District, Tashkent City, where many famous Uzbek politicians and artists have studied. During the visit, the headmaster of the school extended a warm welcome to Ren Jingshun and his party and introduced in detail the current situation of Public School 196. The school is one of the most prestigious schools in Uzbekistan, with the number of students increasing from 1500 to 2500 under the guidance of the "New Uzbekistan Construction era" program. With the large number of students, the school has carried out full upgrading, renovated bright classrooms, built a new stadium, but also equipped with AOC computer all-in-one computer and other information hardware equipment. Subsequently, the two sides exchanged experiences on the construction of educational informatization in China.

The principal's office uses an AOC all-in-one computer.

AOC computer all-in-one computer with its "one machine, one line, one button boot" unique design, for the learning environment to add a comfortable and quiet, making the learning process more relaxed and enjoyable. Its built-in high-definition camera provides teachers and students with a more convenient video call and remote communication experience, regardless of time and location. The lifting rotation base design not only provides a flexible angle of view adjustment, but also protects the health of the user's lumbar spine and cervical vertebra. Whether studying or working for a long time, it can effectively reduce physical fatigue. With the help of AOC all-in-one computer, it will pave a new way for the digital teaching transformation of Tashkent Public School 196 and add a strong driving force for information-based education!

Use AOC all-in-one in multi-function room / conference room

Nowadays, the joint construction of "Belt and Road Initiative" is moving forward continuously along the direction of high-quality development, and creating perfect information-based digital teaching equipment has become a key development direction in the field of education. Among the many brand products in the world, Tashkent No. 196 Public School chose the AOC computer all-in-one computer under the TPV Technology Group, which is not only the trust and recognition of the AOC brand, but also an important embodiment of our computer all-in-one products to go abroad, enter the overseas market, and show the strength and quality to the whole world.

Ren Jingshun said that with the strong support of the TPV Technology Group, the AOC computer Division has actively followed up the opportunities for educational projects in Uzbekistan and been a good "forerunner" and "vanguard" in the cooperation among countries along the "Belt and Road Initiative" route. The informatization project between the school and TPV Technology Group has achieved remarkable results, and has built a broader platform for in-depth cooperation in the future. During this visit, we hope to further promote deep integration and carry out exchanges and cooperation for more countries along the "Belt and Road Initiative" with the high-quality products and services of TPV Technology Group.

Ren Jingshun took a group photo with the students.

Under the background of the "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, the AOC integrated computer entered the Tashkent school. With its simple design, humanized lifting and rotating base and excellent performance, it has injected new vitality into the informatization development of the school, and also won a place for the brand in the field of overseas education. During his visit to the school, Ren Jingshun kindly took a photo with the students and encouraged everyone to study hard and make progress every day. They are welcome to come to China as a new bridge of communication and bring a broader space for development for each other. Work together to write concertos for the new era.

The headmaster presented handicrafts made by the students to Mr. Ren.

General Manager Ren presented Sun Tzu's Art of War, a treasure of Chinese culture to the headmaster.

After that, Ren Jingshun and the headmaster of the school gave each other gifts, expressing the great significance of the visit to both sides. This is an important milestone for TPV Technology Group under the strategic layout of "Belt and Road Initiative"!

In the future, AOC computer all-in-one will give full play to the advantages of the brand, seize development opportunities, and adhere to the principles of joint consultation, sharing and co-construction in the process of implementing "Belt and Road Initiative". And work hand in hand with partners to seize market opportunities, devote ourselves to overseas markets such as Central Asia with a new market layout, and lead the new trend of the times!

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