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Internal test recruitment of Meizu Flyme10.5 starts today: the first batch of Meizu 20 / PRO / INFINITY

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Thanks to netizens Wu Yanzu in South China for the delivery of clues! news on December 1, Meizu announced today that the internal test recruitment of Flyme10.5 started at 10:00 today. The first recruitment models include Meizu 20, Meizu 20 PRO, Meizu 20 INFINITY Unbounded Edition, and stable version launched in January 2024.

The registration entrance is located at system Settings-system updates-Bulletin Board-Internal Test recruitment. At the same time, the internal testing of the function of the Flyme AI large model will also be carried out during the internal testing of Flyme 10.5.

The second batch of internal test models (internal test recruitment in January 2024, stable version launched in March 2024):

Meizu 18

Meizu 18x

Meizu 18 Pro

Meizu 17

Meizu 17 Pro

Meizu 18s

Meizu 18s Pro

According to previous reports from, Meizu has announced that Flyme has been officially upgraded to FlymeOS, which means "Meizu Unbounded OS" in Chinese. Borderless OS has now completed the coverage of smartphones, AR smart glasses and smart cars, opening up more and more life scenes. In the future, Star Meizu Group will build a full-scene intelligent integrated software and hardware interconnection system around this system, claiming to build a leading interactive full-scene AI operating system.

At the same time, the Flyme 10.5 operating system has also been officially unveiled, with the blessing of the Flyme AI model, the system claims to be a "question-and-answer encyclopedia", "personal assistant on call", Weibo dynamic, thank-you notes, speeches can be done one by one, and is also a "great painter of creative inspiration to generate paintings."

In addition, the intelligent assistant Aicy will also log on to the Flyme Auto car machine system, which will integrate car consultants, AI guides and other functions to customize itinerary planning, arrange hotel / catering / charging services for users, and support the purchase of scenic spot tickets in the car.

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