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Hesi Ma Chunquan: empowering future financial personnel with digital tools based on object-based accounting

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, a special seminar on "Financial Digitalization and Intelligent Financial sharing Center Construction and Operation improvement, Digital Transformation, Industry-Financial Integration and Intelligent Finance and tax system Optimization" organized by China Institute of Chief Accountants was successfully held. Ma Chunquan, founder and CEO of Hesi, was invited to attend and deliver a keynote speech on "empowering Future Financial personnel with Digital tools for object-based Accounting".

Under the tide of the global digital economy, digital transformation has become the focus of attention and development of various industries. As the core module of enterprise management, financial management needs to use the new generation of digital and intelligent technology to better promote the reform of unit finance, capital, tax process and management, promote the integration of industry and wealth, enhance the organizational ability of financial BP, promote the innovative development of business with finance, realize profit growth and value creation, and finally achieve digital enterprises and intelligent enterprises. The China Institute of Chief Accountants holds a special seminar and training activity on "Financial Digitalization and Intelligent Financial sharing Center Construction and Operation improvement, Digital Transformation, Industry-property Integration and Intelligent Finance and tax system Construction Optimization". The aim is to help financial managers to better enhance their abilities and perform their duties, build a digital and intelligent financial, capital and tax management system that supports the development of units, and further promote the integration of industry and property. Build an excellent financial BP organization, enhance the five capabilities of "supporting strategy, supporting decision-making, serving business, creating value, preventing and controlling risks", help units to open up digital channels, and build a world-class financial management system that supports the development of units and conforms to the trend of digital intelligence.

In Ma Chunquan's view, under the economic contraction, the rapid growth of enterprises has stagnated, the second entrepreneurial tide has emerged, and enterprises have to "save". Economical ng is a compulsory course today, while changing ng is tomorrow's paving stone. According to the 2023 cost Control and Travel trend Analysis report jointly released by the Future Financial personnel Research Institute, from January to July in 2023, the overall amount of travel consumption increased by 220.11% year on year and 95.49% month-on-month. In terms of transaction volume, it increased by 160.40% year-on-year and 61.36% month-on-month. It is not difficult to find that behind the rise in the volume and price of travel, the pressure of reducing costs and increasing efficiency is unprecedented. However, to save money, we should not only rely on control and external supply chain optimization, but also let the whole staff participate and willing to participate. Therefore, it is necessary to establish an organizational accounting incentive system with smaller scale, larger authorization and more direct distribution, and build a "fractal, decentralization, sharing" platform organization, so that everyone is an operator.

In order to solve the problem of value measurement and distribution of platform organizations, we define "one event, one responsibility center" as "object", and study the income and expenditure profit and loss and value creation of the "object" through accounting methods. and constructed a new management accounting theory-object accounting. Object accounting is a method to construct an intelligent accounting platform by drawing lessons from the concept of abstracting the physical world with the method of object-oriented analysis. Through the objective description and analysis of the enterprise economic activities and the value movement of the responsibility center, the complex economic activities are described by fine-grained decomposition and flexible combination, so as to realize the fine management of the enterprise value movement. improve the economic benefits of enterprises. Under the guidance of the accounting theory of object method, Hesi has constructed a financial revenue and expenditure management platform in a digital way, and in the system of organizational decentralization, it can give it to every operator. let their decision-making and management have sufficient data support and digital support, and become the future financial personnel to create the second venture of the enterprise. In addition, to achieve effective savings, it is necessary to find real waste. How to solve the problem of "more and more expensive travel consumption", "more and more troublesome mixing of paper and electricity", "more and more painstaking management", Hesi has also found some solutions in the past year, and achieved some results. In the past year, Hesi helped customer enterprises save approval time by optimizing process efficiency, helped customer enterprises save 60 million of travel expenses through mall subsidies and concessions, and helped customer enterprises save 8.9 billion paper files through electronic accounting files.

In Ma Chunquan's view, if enterprises want to be "more economical," they must achieve breakthroughs in three aspects-- to save money, they must all participate; to save trouble, they must optimize the whole process; and if they want to worry, they must break them into pieces. As an agile financial revenue and expenditure management platform, Hesi helps enterprises to save money, trouble and worry through object accounting. Among them, in the aspect of "saving money", Hesi helps enterprises to actively participate in the cost reduction plan of the enterprise by means of "joint efforts to save money", "buy expensive compensation" and "bank subsidy" to help enterprises let every member in the organization and every partner outside the organization actively participate in the cost reduction plan.

Resultant province

When buying any product of Hesi, Hesi Mall will set up a bonus pool for enterprises in proportion to encourage employees to take the initiative to reduce business consumption costs, so that enterprises do not have to pay out of their own pocket.

Buy and pay for it

Put an end to big data and choose products to pay for each purchase, so as to make the enterprise feel more at ease with each consumption.

Bank supplement

Through the bank ecological connection designated financial system, we can obtain the double subsidy rights and interests of Hesi products and bank financial products.

Up to now, Hesi has more than 6000 paying enterprise customers, serving more than 3 million future financial personnel. Under the background of the digital age and the integration of industry and wealth, this "hose" is based on a widely connected ecosystem, a two-wheel drive business model and a self-developed full-link L4 "no reimbursement" solution. Further build an agile financial revenue and expenditure management platform Provide all-round financial digital services for enterprises, such as intelligent aggregate consumption, expense control reimbursement, receipt and payment management, financial revenue and expenditure analysis and electronic accounting files, liberate people's creativity and help enterprises to achieve karma-financial integration.

Welcome to the official account of "Hesi" Wechat to download the report.

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