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Participate in NEEWER Nur's "sparkling" portrait photography competition and win the grand prize of 1000 yuan

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Shulou( Report--

On December 1, 2023, NEEWER Nur × Astrhori Rock Star launched a flash fisheye portrait competition with the theme of "sparkling". Through the combination of Nur Z2 flash and rock star 12mmF2.8 full-picture wide-angle fisheye products, this competition takes extremely lively portrait photos, bringing unprecedented visual impact.

This activity NEEWER Nur linkage rock star Astrhori is the selected new product experience competition user, provides 10 sets of photographic equipment product experience trial for 30 days free of charge. Users who are not selected for the new product experience can also use the products of NEEWER Nur or Rock Star Astrhori to participate in this "sparkling" flash fisheye portrait photography competition to unlock fashionable and interesting portrait photography together to win the thousand yuan prize prepared by NEEWER Nur and Rock Star Astrhori.

Registration time: December 1, 2023-December 6, 2023

Registration method: for more information, please see the official account of Neewer Nur Wechat

Event time: December 8, 2023-January 18, 2024

New experience equipment: NEEWER Nur Z2murC round head lithium motor top flash × 10 sets, rock star Astrhori12mmF2.8 full-frame wide-angle fisheye (bayonet E / RF / Z / L) × 10 sets

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