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Apple launches (RED) red Apple Watch Series 9 watch to commemorate World AIDS Day

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Shulou( Report-- Dec. 1 Apple announced today in an official press release that it will be launching a series of new products and events to mark World AIDS Day.

Apple launched the (RED) version of the Apple Watch Series 9 watch this time, and will also introduce red "palette" and "sun hand" dials. In addition, there are a series of specially customized dials such as Metropolis, World Time, Monochromatic Numbers, Gradient, etc.

For now, the (RED) range includes Apple Watch Series 9, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 13 and iPhone SE, as well as silicone cases with MagSafe for all iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 lines.

In addition, Apple's App Store will donate all in-house purchases from three popular games, Monopoly GO, Fantasy Garden and EA Sports FC Mobile, to the Global Fund from today through Dec.4, local time, including "Fun Avatar,""Cool Shield" and "Star Football Player."

Apple also announced that from now until December 8, Apple will donate $1 (currently about 7.14 yuan) to the (RED) Global Foundation for every purchase made by customers using Apple Pay on Apple's official website, through the App Store or Apple Store retail stores.

On World AIDS Day this year, Apple again highlighted its long-standing partnership with RED: Over the past 17 years, Apple customers have helped raise more than $2.5 billion, enabling millions of people to access life-saving antiretroviral treatment and HIV testing, and helping HIV-positive mothers prevent transmission of the virus to their babies. Note: (RED) Foundation, also known as Product Red, was founded by U2 singer Bono and Bobby Shriver of Debt AIDS Trade in Africa to raise funds for the global fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. RED mainly unites a number of enterprises, allowing partners to produce branded products with "Product Red" and earn revenue from these products, and 1% of partner profits will be donated to the Foundation.

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