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The movie adaptation of the horror game "Curse" Steam store page is online.

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Shulou( Report-- December 1 news, Daewoo information film adaptation of the horror game "Curse" Steam store page is now online, the release time has not been announced.

This work supports Chinese and English subtitles and voice, but the recommended configuration has not been announced yet.

Game introduction attached to

Curse is a first-person suspense horror game adapted from the well-known movie Curse. The game reveals the creepy story behind Chen Jiacun in the movie.


In this unknown and visionary environment, look for the fragile clues and piece together the whereabouts of the beloved daughter. Is all the struggle to solve all these mysteries, or is it purely for the obsession of survival?


Malice may come from unexpected places at any time, pay attention to everything in the village! Please try to hide yourself like you've never been to this land before.

Dig for the truth

On this journey, every corner, every thing, and every emotion you encounter will lead you closer to the truth. But are these really coincidences? Or is there another purpose behind it?

Fire Buddha Xiuichi. Heart Saga Moo

Present your name piously. If you can make the Buddha mother happy, maybe you can find the hope of survival in this game of life and death.

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