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"Watermelon" color matching, # Beijing aurora # hot search: gorgeous colors, rare wonders

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Shulou( Report--, December 2, according to pictures shared by the official Weibo of CCTV News, many people photographed the spectacle of auroras in Beijing, Mohe, Tahe, Daqing, Hulunbuir, Zhangjiakou and Chengde in Inner Mongolia yesterday (December 1) night under the influence of the geomagnetic storm.

Li Zheng, an engineer at the National Astronomical Observatory, said that this is the first time that auroras have been recorded simultaneously on a large scale in the city since the introduction of photography.

According to @ China National Geographic Channel, the aurora was photographed by netizens in Huairou, Beijing last night (the night of December 1), the second aurora image recorded in Beijing's history. Since December 2019, the sun has entered its 25th cycle of activity and is expected to reach its peak around 2025.

Geomagnetic storms and auroras in many parts of the north have been searched on Weibo, Baidu, Jinri Toutiao and other platforms. As of, # Beijing Aurora # is still the fifth most searched list.

Video source: Mohe melts the reason for this aurora because geomagnetic storms have an energy called "solar wind" in the form of energy created by the sun, such as light and heat.

This is a powerful stream of charged subatomic particles that can cover the earth. the solar wind flows around the earth, hitting the earth's magnetic field at a speed of about 400 kilometers per second, which deflects the particle flow to the geomagnetic pole. this causes the charged particles to react with the earth's upper atmosphere to form auroras.

The National Space Weather Monitoring and early warning Center of the China Meteorological Administration predicts that geomagnetic storms may occur on November 30, December 1 and December 2, among which more than moderate geomagnetic storms or even geomagnetic storms may occur on December 1.

Why seeing auroras in Beijing and other places is very rare in China, the geomagnetic latitude is low, even when strong geomagnetic activities occur, it is difficult to have obvious auroras.

Auroras often occur at an altitude of 100 km or even 300 to 400 km. Only under the conditions of geomagnetic storms can auroras be seen in the northernmost regions of Xinjiang and Heilongjiang.

Han Dayang, an engineer at the National Space Weather Monitoring and early warning Center, said that the aurora occurs in the aurora eggs near the earth's north and south poles, corresponding to geomagnetic latitudes ranging from 65 to 75 degrees.

Mohe, which has the highest latitude in China, is only about 53 degrees, so it is generally difficult to have auroras. In addition, the aurora that appears in our country is often not strong, haze, human lighting and other conditions will block the already weak aurora, not easy to observe.

Why Beijing and other places see that the aurora is a "watermelon" color matching mainly depends on the distribution of various particles in the atmosphere. When auroras occur, gas molecules and atoms in the atmosphere are excited to high energy levels, and then spontaneously transition to lower energy levels, emitting light of different wavelengths.

Different wavelengths of light correspond to different colors, so we can see that the colors of auroras are also diverse. Common auroral colors include green, blue, red and so on.

China National Geographic explained on its official Weibo that auroras are luminous phenomena that occur when the earth's magnetosphere is disturbed by charged particles from the sun.

The charged particles of the sun settle into the upper atmosphere along the magnetic lines of the earth's poles and collide with particles in the neutral atmosphere to excite the transition of electron energy levels, resulting in different colors and forms of light.

Most of the auroras in Tuyuan CCTV News are concentrated on 90-400 km above the earth, of which more than 300 km are mainly light red, 200-300 km are mainly crimson, 100-200 km are mainly green, and below 100 km are blue, purple or a combination of crimson.

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