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The series of "three Kingdoms Kingdoms" games have completed the development of Huawei Hongmeng's native application.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen Xiao Zhan for the clue delivery! news on December 2, according to the game Gyro official account news, the card network announced that it has completed the "three Kingdoms Kill" series of game Hongmeng native application development, becoming Hongmeng Ecological's first TOP-level card game benchmarking game.

Card network under the "three Kingdoms kill OL", "three Kingdoms kill mobile version" and other digital games, a total of more than 400 million registered users. The game of "killing of the three Kingdoms" combines the background of the three Kingdoms period in China, taking identity, power or camp as clues, and players win the final victory through a round of strategies and actions based on the exclusive skills of the characters and the use of different hand cards. is attached with the announced native adaptation of Huawei Hongmeng's main applications: (started)

Same trip (started)

Happy Xiaoxiaole (completed)

Meituan (started)

Where to (started)

Sina Weibo (launched)

Graphite document (completed)

Nailing (started)

Flight is always accurate (activated)

Little Red Book (completed)

Bilibili (started)

Sunflower (started) (started)

Anjuke (started)

Amap (started)

Read the comics (started)

Get (started)

Zhejiang spread brain (started)

Ovie Interactive Map (launched)

Mavericks Electric (signed)

Softcom Power (signed)

"killing of the three Kingdoms" series of games (completed)

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