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The theme and main logo of the 2024 Spring Festival Gala will be officially released.

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According to a CCTV news report, the official announcement of the 2024 Spring Festival Gala (Spring Festival Gala in the year of the Dragon) on the central radio and television station was officially announced today with the theme of "Dragon's Day Gala ( Note: d á), Xin Xin Jia Guo", which comes from the first regular script dictionary, according to a CCTV news report.

According to the Kangxi Dictionary, "Yi" comes from the first regular script dictionary "Yu Pian", with the same pronunciation as "da (d á)". The dragon is the spiritual symbol and cultural symbol of the Chinese nation. "Dragon travel" describes the appearance of the dragon taking off, high-spirited and enthusiastic.

The main logo of the 2024 Chuntai Spring Festival Gala takes the word "Guo" as the main visual symbol, and the overall design is inspired by Jiuxian Zhuan, a distinctive font of "official Seal of the State Dynasty" in Chinese traditional seal cutting art. It is solemn, balanced and symmetrical, showing a vigorous cultural atmosphere.

The main logo was designed by Gu Yongjiang, the designer of the Chinese lunar exploration project and the Chinese planetary exploration project, and carried out a modern "reprocessing" on the basis of traditional calligraphy. the color and luster of metal texture makes the shape of the word "Yan" very similar to a chip-from ancient Chinese characters to modern technology, the main logo of the Dragon year Spring Festival Gala connects the past and the present and integrates the future.

It is understood that the head Station Spring Festival Gala, which originated in 1979 and officially opened in 1983, covers various art forms, such as sketches, songs, songs and dances, acrobatics, magic, opera, crosstalk, and so on. New Year's Eve is broadcast live at 20:00 every year on the CCTV Comprehensive Channel, Variety Channel, Chinese International Channel, National Defense and military Channel, Children's Channel, Music Channel, Agricultural and Rural Channel, and so on.

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