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Due to "unexpected busyness", it is reported that OpenAI has been postponed to launch GPT Mall next year.

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Thanks to netizens Brother Black fly's left hand, Baa Yang, soft media users 1520111 clue delivery!, December 2 (Xinhua) OpenAI CEO Sam Altman (Sam Altman) was scheduled to launch an online platform called "GPT Store" in December when he attended the DevDay event last month, but officials recently postponed the launch of the mall's platform.

The original intention of OpenAI to launch GPT Store is to allow customers to design and deploy their own versions of GPT and to train them for professional tasks on custom datasets.

The company emphasizes privacy and security controls in GPT, where chats are not shared with builders. If GPT uses a third-party API, users can choose whether or not to share their data with that API.

According to a new internal memo obtained by Reuters, OpenAI was delayed to launch GPT Store in 2024, in which it wrote: "due to something unexpected, the team is very busy and unable to deliver on time."

The delay occurred during the "palace struggle" within OpenAI, and Sam Altman officially returned to OpenAI as chief executive officer (CEO) a few days ago. previously reported that OpenAI announced that it had reached an agreement in principle and that Altman's return had been completed. Microsoft announced that it would get a non-voting observer seat on the non-profit board that controls OpenAI.

"I am more excited about the future than ever before," Altman said in a memo shared with foreign media the Verge. "I am very grateful to everyone for their hard work under uncertain and unprecedented circumstances, and I believe our resilience and spirit make us stand out in the industry. I am very satisfied with the possibility that we will succeed in achieving our mission."

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