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The new version of Nezha S model is on the market: CLTC has a maximum range of 715km, 19.98-229800 yuan.

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Thanks to netizens Wu Yanzu in South China for the delivery of clues! news on December 2, Naha launched a new version of Naxi S, a total of two models: 715 new version (CLTC 715km), 650 AWD new version (CLTC 650km), the price is 1908,000 yuan and 229800 yuan respectively, booking can enjoy 8000 yuan financial discount and other benefits. noted that the new version of Nezha S is no different from the original in design, equipped with 21 speakers, built-in 3 fragrances, 12-way electric adjustment for the main driver and 8-way electric adjustment for the co-driver, supporting heating, ventilation, massage, memory, welcome and other functions; equipped with AR-HUD head display system + 17.6inch central control screen + 12.3inch co-driver screen.

650AWD's new version is equipped with NNP high-speed navigation assistance, high-speed / urban expressway point-to-point intelligent commuting, intelligent ramp / exit ramp, intelligent overtaking to avoid large cars, intelligent choice of the best lane, and upgraded through OTA in the first quarter of 2024.

The Nashi S715 is equipped with NETA Pilot 2.5 intelligent driving assistance system, covering mainstream intelligent driving functions such as ACC full-speed adaptive cruise, LKA lane maintenance assistance, FCW forward collision warning LCA parallel assistance, AEB automatic emergency brake ICA intelligent cruise assistance, FAPA integrated automatic parking assistance, RPA one-click remote parking and other mainstream intelligent driving functions.

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