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Spencer reiterated: will not force Activision Blizzard team to reproduce the classic game IP

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Shulou( Report-- December 2 news, Microsoft games business CEO Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer) reiterated in an interview with the media, will not force Activision Blizzard team to reproduce the classic game IP.

Spencer stressed that if you want to remake the classic game IP, you can't force it to be implemented, and the development team must be enthusiastic in order to bring more full game works to players.

Spencer said:

The development of game projects is inseparable from the enthusiasm of the team. From my personal point of view, I will not force the team to complete a game project, or to be enthusiastic enough when developing.

But indeed, when we find the right team and the right opportunities, I like to go back and review the stories and characters we have seen before. reported in October that Activision CEO Codick said: "We can take out the classic games that have been in the game library for the past 30 years and really reproduce them."

Spencer revealed in November last year that after completing the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, he hoped to revive the classic RTS game StarCraft series, although he did not have the decision-making power.

Referring to Blizzard's "RTS legacy", he said: "StarCraft is a groundbreaking moment in games-from the perspective of e-sports, from the perspective of real-time strategies on the mainframe, from the perspective of real-time strategy storytelling for such games."

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