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Glory 100 series first-selling war report announced: break the first-selling day record of all new aircraft in glory history

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the clues of selling melons in the back row! news on December 2, November 23, Honor 100 series of phones were officially launched, including Honor 100 and Glory 100 Pro phones, priced from 2499 yuan. On December 1, the new series of Glory 100s officially went on sale, with a price starting from 2499 yuan.

According to official figures, the Glory 100 series of e-commerce went on sale across the platform for 30 minutes, up 260% from a year earlier. Among them, the first sales of Honor 100 Pro increased by 500% compared with the same period last year.

Just now, Honor officials once again shared the first-selling battle report of the Glory 100 series: breaking the first-selling day record of all new aircraft in the history of glory.

According to reports, Honor Pro takes Gaudi's Mira House "patio" as the inspiration, combines the natural art curve and central symmetry aesthetics, and presents the "new art style" with unique colors.

Glory 100Pro offers four colors: Monet Violet, Butterfly Blue, Moon Shadow White and bright black, in which Monet Purple and Butterfly Blue are made of glass plain leather, while Moon Shadow White and bright black are made of glass.

Glory 100Pro Monet Violet screen, Glory 100Pro debut "Oasis" eye protection screen, create a natural all-day eye protection; display realistic natural light, improve eye comfort; 3840Hz ultra-high frequency PWM zero risk dimming, simulate natural light zero strobe risk, improve eye comfort.

Glory 100Pro uses a 6.78inch 2700 × 1224 OLED streamer quadruple screen, the first natural color display technology, support 360-degree adaptive dimming technology. Support 120Hz refresh rate, 3840Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, peak brightness 2600nit, support 1.07 billion color display, support natural light eye protection, sleep-aiding display technology, through T Ü V Rheinland non-strobe certification, is the first mobile phone with T Ü V global eye protection certification.

On the image, Glory 100 Pro rear 5000 megapixel "SLR" wide-angle camera, the first Sony IMX906 sensor, the sensor size is 1.56 inches, support OIS, also equipped with 1200 megapixel SLR ultra wide-angle camera and 3200 megapixel SLR portrait camera, front 5000 megapixel Sony IMX816 SLR photo lens. The machine claims to have a "SLR portrait", which supports gradual virtual background, soft beauty inside and outside the focus, professional portrait light and shadow, portrait three-dimensional face, front and rear automatic capture, 4D natural three-dimensional makeup.

In the performance part, the Glory Pro is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile processing platform, supplemented by Glory self-developed RF enhancement chip C1, using 4674mm ²wide area stainless steel bionic VC heat dissipation. Glory 100 Pro has the largest number of 16GB RAM and 1TB ROM. Officials say 47 App backends are alive, do not stutter for 60 months, and support GMS service.

Glory Pro has a built-in 5000mAh three-pole ear single cell battery, which supports 100W fast charging (100W charging in 30 minutes) and 66W wireless fast charging (100W charging in 42minutes). In other aspects, the Honor 100Pro is equipped with stereo dual speakers and pre-installed MagicOS 7.2 system to support AI human-computer interaction, including breath awakening, sweeping and intelligent perception.

Glory 100 standard design draws inspiration from the moon phase change, brings the crescent design, and provides four colors: Monet purple, butterfly blue, moon shadow white and bright black.

The Glory Oasis Standard Edition is also equipped with Glory Oasis Eye Protection screen, hardware-grade low blue light certification, 3840Hz ultra-high frequency PWM zero-risk dimming, quasi-natural light eye protection and sleep-aiding display technology, and the screen also supports 2600nit peak brightness, 435PPI and ultra-dynamic color display.

Glory 100th Moon White Image, Glory 100Standard Edition is also equipped with SLR photo camera, the first Sony IMX906 SLR photo main shot, 112 °ultra wide angle macro lens, front 5000 megapixel SLR photo lens.

In terms of performance, Glory 100Standard Edition industry launched the third generation Snapdragon 7 chip, the largest 16GB memory, equipped with glory self-developed RF enhancement chip C1, with 5000mAh super battery + 100W super fast charge, equipped with stereo dual speakers.

The price of Glory 100 is as follows:

The price of 12+256GB is 2499 yuan

The price of 16+256GB is 2799 yuan

The price of 16+512GB is 2999 yuan

The price of Honor 100Pro is as follows:

The price of 12+256GB is 3399 yuan

The price of 16+256GB is 3699 yuan

The price of 16+512GB is 3999 yuan

The price of 16GB+1TB is 4399 yuan

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