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The extreme krypton 009 model pushes OS 4.2, adding functions such as ALC dial pole change, DOW door warning and so on.

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Shulou( Report-- December 2 news, the polar krypton car announced that the polar krypton 009 OS 4.2 officially opened the push (according to the large order of batch push), added ALC lever change, DOW door warning function, optimize One-pedal single pedal driving mode, parking comfort, and so on.

Updates are attached to

ALC plucking pole to change lane

On the unobstructed expressway and urban expressway, this function is turned on on the basis of active cruising in the full speed domain, and the vehicle can change lanes under certain conditions by simply turning on the steering light lever.

Note: it is necessary to activate TS1 traffic sign recognition and BSD blind area early warning function before you go to the function mall.

DOW door warning

When opening the door, if there is a moving target approaching in the blind area behind the side of the vehicle, the vehicle will remind the user through the sound of the prompt, flashing lights in the blind area and so on.

Note: two-wheeled and four-wheeled non-stationary vehicles can be identified.

Optimize One-pedal single pedal driving mode

One-pedal single-pedal driving mode can also be activated in sports mode to expand its usage scene.

Optimize parking comfort

During the charging process of the vehicle, the parking comfort function is not limited by the power state, it is supported to turn on the parking comfort function when charging at low power, and lock the car to maintain the comfortable temperature of the cockpit after leaving the car.

Other new features and experience optimizations:

Optimize LCC lane centering assist

Optimize the strategy of reversing radar

Optimize the working logic of driving preference

Optimize ADB adaptive high beam lamp

Optimize the convenience of the main driver

Optimize the keyless entry logic outside the car

Optimize the application of NetEase cloud car machine version

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