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If you want to take a good picture, these elements in the environment are worthy of attention.

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In the process of photography, in addition to light and shadow, composition, the subject itself, there are also many interesting elements worth paying attention to in the shooting environment, which can make the photo very interesting through reasonable collocation.

Today, I'd like to share with you how to use the various elements of the scene efficiently and rationally:

1. The expression of order is one of the important sources of photo beauty. Order in photography can be shown as regular shape, unified lines, harmonious picture segmentation and repetitive structure.

Order | one of the important manifestations of photography aesthetics

Making good use of these orderly elements can make the picture appear very harmonious and natural, especially the harmonious elements that echo with the subject, such as the structure and shape similar to the subject, can make the picture appear neat and interesting.

two。 Mining the background and foreground information in the background and foreground not only plays a role in balancing the picture and setting off the subject, but also provides some information for the photo, such as the place, time, angle and the characteristics of the scene, and so on. these information can make people associate and give the photo a stronger story.

Especially when there are characteristic information and cultural elements in the scene, such as special structure, text, guides, etc., we can make good use of it and arrange it reasonably in the foreground or background to make the photo fuller.

3. Color is a very emotional element, different colors can reflect different attitudes, such as red can show lively, jubilant or bloody, scary scenes, blue can show a sense of science and technology, serenity, melancholy and so on.

When shooting, we can express our thoughts with the help of different colors, find, wait and capture the appearance of colors in accordance with the scene, and mobilize our emotions through colors.

4. Ambient element

Some elements themselves are very expressive and can enhance the atmosphere of the photos, such as sunset, blue moment, fog, snow and so on. These atmosphere elements themselves can also reflect the characteristics of the environment, but also have a certain degree of emotional expression. We can not only express the scene characteristics according to these elements, but also construct the photo theme.

You can also first determine the appropriate theme to match the appropriate ambient elements.

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: play some Photography (ID:wakexiao), by AGER

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