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Domestic civil manned airship AS700 has completed the qualification examination and will be used in tourism and other fields in the future.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for Rong Naiyue's clue delivery!, December 2, according to State-owned assets Supervision and Administration Commission Information Center official "State-owned assets Xiaoxin", November 30, domestic civil manned airship AS700 model qualification project review (TCT) meeting was held in Jingmen, Hubei Province.

The inspection team believes that the AS700 manned airship has met the established approval basis and the certification conditions stipulated in Article 21.21 of CCAR-21-R4, and recommends that the model certificate be issued. This marks the completion of the model qualification examination of the AS700 manned airship and the transition to the model certificate issuing stage. Note: AS700 manned airship is a type of manned airship independently developed by the aviation industry according to the demand of low-altitude tourism market at home and abroad and the design idea of "multi-type and series development of one ship".

The airship adopts a single driving system, a single bag layout, a maximum capacity of 9 passengers, a streamlined airbag shape, an X-shaped rigid tail, a non-retractable single-point landing gear, a maximum range of 700km, a maximum flight speed of 100km/h, and a maximum flight time of 10 hours. While cruising, the airship consumes an average of 45 litres of fuel per hour.

At the same time, the airship adopts light polymer capsule material and high reliability anti-tear structure design, is equipped with helium safety valve to prevent airbag overpressure, and has the ability to land safely in case of double engine or control system failure.

The airship is suitable for tourism, physical exploration, anti-terrorism and stability maintenance, marine monitoring, cargo transportation, emergency rescue and other fields.

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