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The total number of users exceeded 8 million, and Dongfeng Honda released a new user brand "Home".

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Shulou( Report-- December 3 news, Dongfeng Honda user ecology conference and user brand conference held in Wuhan, officially launched a new user brand "home". At the event, the owner of Yingshi sent Mr. Wang to receive the "8 millionth user" commemorative medal, marking Dongfeng Honda's historical achievement of 8 million users.

Tu Yuan Dongfeng Honda official account (the same below) with official explanation:

"Ben" is not only taken from the "Honda", represents the "essence" of car-building, but also represents the original ideal and ambition, and adheres to the "original heart" of providing joy; "home" means that users feel at ease.

It is understood that our brand will start from four dimensions:

Home experience: Dongfeng Honda's channel will be iteratively upgraded, from space design to service model will continue the concept of home, for users to create "such as home" experience space and interaction.

Home service: that is, the omni-directional upgrade service experience, through the "six home services", such as omnipotent butler, full-speed maintenance, comprehensive transparency, full-time protection, full-time guardianship, and full-time selection, let users enjoy the all-round, full-speed, all-round and all-round service experience in the "trust companion" service era.

Home community: through Dongfeng Honda App online platform, build an online / offline family community, bringing super interesting company to the family.

The growth of the family: it is a plan for the personal growth of users, which will give full play to the creativity of the family and realize the co-creation of brands and users.

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