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The space RTS game "Home 3" Steam will be released on March 9 next year.

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Shulou( Report-- December 3 news, the space RTS game "Home 3" launched Steam, the national area officially opened pre-sale, the standard version 219 yuan, deluxe version 292 yuan, Fleet Command version 328.5 yuan, will be released on March 9, 2024, support Chinese. All pre-ordered versions include: Kushan aircraft carrier skin (cooperation mode).

The deluxe version includes basic games and first-year passes, and the first-year season ticket includes three DLC, which will add new factions and relics to the "war game" cooperation model.

The Fleet Command version contains:

Game Noumenon

The first year pass of "Home 3"

"Home 3" soundtrack, written by Paul Ruskay

Play 72 hours in advance

Custom settings for multiplayer games

The multiplayer game customization package includes spaceship decals, profile flags, multiplayer game name colors and an engine wake color. attached configuration requirements:

Minimum configuration (no light tracing)

In-game graphics preset-Low


GPU-NVIDIA GTX 1060, AMD RX 480, Intel ARC A380

CPU-Intel I5-8600K, AMD Ryzen 53600X


Video memory-6GB

System and storage-Windows 10-11 64-Bit, 40GB

Recommended configuration (no light tracing)

In-game graphics preset-Medium


GPU-NVIDIA RTX 2070, AMD RX 5700, Intel ARC A580

CPU-Intel 17-11700K AMD Ryzen 5 5600X


Video memory-8GB

System and storage-Windows 10-11 64-Bit, 40GB

Game introduction:

"Homeworld 3" provides you with a strategically planned, spectacular and absolutely unique world, taking you back to the charm of the sci-fi real-time strategy series at the Game of the year award. Control the overall situation in the dazzling full 3D space, lead the fleet to fight, and experience the award-winning story slowly unfolding in the vast galaxy.

You are in full control of the war. Giant space relics known as "boulders" bring 3D terrain into the traditional "Homeworld" battlefield. Take advantage of the ruins of ancient civilization to lead the enemy into a well-planned ambush, or hide your fleet to avoid being pursued by powerful enemies. The fortress is full of powerful turrets that guide your combat boats through dangerous trenches and deep behind enemy lines. However, not everything is under your control. Dangerous astronomical phenomena in space, such as particle storms and asteroid belts, are also a challenge for experienced commanders.

You can choose to charge frontal, outflank cleverly, or even attack the enemy from above and below. The fully simulated ballistic system in Homeworld 3 will make the line of sight and cover on the battlefield a key strategic factor. Your fleet will serve you in one mission after another, and the scars on your ship will be preserved as medals of honor. On the battlefield, the pilots of combat ships and the captains of major ships also communicate with each other and convey important messages.

With the development of modern technology, the timeless artistic style of "Homeworld" has been further improved, providing players with large-scale, destructive and beautiful visual effects. Among the stars, neatly lined up combat boats shuttled around the huge battle cruisers. The traces of ancient civilization reflect the shadow of iconic warships. During the battle of the fleet, a barrage of artillery bombardment declared the victory of one of the fleets.

The story of Homeworld, which won Game of the year award, continues. Since the end of "Homeworld 2", the Milky way has ushered in an era of prosperity due to the existence of the hyperspace gate network. With the cultivation of health and recuperation, the flames of war broke out again and again, and there was more and more reincarnation. Today, the hyperspace door has suffered a catastrophic failure, and Karan, who has incarnated into myths and legends, has become a key figure in the mystery of future threats to the Milky way.

The new three-person cooperation mode "War Game" will bring a game experience outside of the campaign. Combining the classic RTS mechanism of the "Home" series with roguelike elements, each commander will challenge a series of random fleet combat challenges. Acquire powerful artifacts to provide the fleet with more strength, speed and weaponry. Based on the final result, you will be able to unlock the new fleet and try a very different strategy.

In the battle of wits and bravery with human opponents, your tactical skills will usher in the ultimate test. Hone your skills in AI conflict warfare, and then compete with live players in 1v1, scuffle, or team warfare.

The module allows players to create their own game content for Home 3 and share it with players around the world. From redesigning maps with giant structures to strengthening ships, the Unreal game editor is at your disposal. If you are not good at creating, you can also download modules easily and quickly through the integrated function in the game to experience the great creativity of the game community.

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