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Shang Chao 59 yuan: Qingyang men's shampoo 17 yuan / jin recently new low-speed hoarding

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [Unilever's official flagship store]

The daily price of Qingyang men's shampoo 500g*2 bottle is 79.9yuan. When you make an order, you will receive 200g replenishment * 3 bags and receive a 5 yuan red packet + 20 yuan coupon. The hand price is 54.9 yuan 1600g, equivalent to 17.1 yuan per jin:

5 yuan red packet: Taobao App home page search "together cost-effective", after entering the page automatically pop up.

* the style of the gift is delivered at random, and the main picture of the product is visible. If not, it is finished.

Tmall Qingyang men's shampoo 1600g overlay the top 5 yuan red packet coupon after 54.9 yuan 20 yuan brokerage super-daily price is 47.9 yuan 400g, equivalent to about 59 yuan / jin:

There are 10 styles to choose from, including bath combination (shower gel + shampoo).

This promotion is about 2.8% off of Shang Chao, and the elder brother with rigid demand can close his eyes and store.

Brand: CLEAR / Qingyang

Cosmetics record number / Registration Certificate number: Anhui G Cosmetic Network preparation word 2021000366

Whether to import: no

Applicable hair quality: all hair types

Applicable to: men

Tmall Qingyang men's shampoo 1600g overlay the top 5 yuan red packet coupon after 54.9 yuan get 20 yuan coupon

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