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Have fun at the weekend: Yinong 64% Black Qiao Melissa 28 yuan 520g long time no see

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [Yinong flagship store]

The daily price of Yinong dark chocolate Melissa 520g is 58 yuan, and today's promotion price is 38 yuan. You can get a 10 yuan coupon for placing an order and the hand price is 28 yuan.

Tmall Yinong Melissa barrel 520g coupon after 28 yuan 10 yuan coupon Yinong dark chocolate Milisu, 64% dark chocolate, 35% dark chocolate to choose from.

Yinong and the following products are also under great promotion:

Tmall Yinong black truffle shaped chocolate pure cocoa fat coupon 39 yuan 10 yuan coupon the following is the product profile of Yinong dark chocolate Milisol:

Cocoa butter raw material, strictly selected West African Ghanaian coffee beans, rich aroma, silky taste.

High-quality malt crisp heart, mellow milk flavor, crisp taste.

It is not bad to eat as a work snack, to chase dramas and to eat afternoon tea.

Friends who have placed orders before generally reflect that the taste is OK, due to the addition of dark chocolate, so it is not very sweet and greasy, friends who want to try might as well buy some.

Shelf life: 365 days

Tmall Yinong Merisu barreled 520g coupons after 28 yuan to get 10 yuan coupons

Welcome to download the best way to buy App-good goods, good price, high rebate, 10 cents can also withdraw cash!

Scan the QR code or click here to download the latest version (automatic recognition platform).

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