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It is reported that the market share gap between SK Hynix and Samsung Electronics DRAM has narrowed to 4.4%.

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Thanks to netizen OC_Formula for the clue delivery! November 28, according to data from a research institution last week, driven by the increased demand for artificial intelligence applications in the field of artificial intelligence driven by the artificial intelligence chat robot ChatGPT fire, SK Hynix's share of the global DRAM market reached 35% in the third quarter, the highest market share since its inception.

According to the latest report, SK Hynix, whose market share reached a new high in the third quarter, has also narrowed the market share gap with rival Samsung Electronics in this product area.

According to the research institute, sales of SK Hynix DRAM products were $4.63 billion in the third quarter, up 34.59% from the previous quarter, while Samsung Electronics DRAM's sales in the third quarter were $5.2 billion, up 17% from the previous quarter.

Samsung Electronics accounted for 39.4% of global DRAM sales in the third quarter, still higher than SK Hynix, but the share gap has narrowed to 4.4 percentage points, the smallest gap between the two companies' DRAM market share so far.

The research institute's report also shows that the significant increase in market share of SK Hynix DRAM is due to the surge in demand for artificial intelligence applications, high-bandwidth memory and other high-end semiconductor products.

The research institute mentioned in the report that in the first quarter of this year, SK Hynix's market share in DRAM was 24.7%, making it the third largest manufacturer. In that quarter, Samsung Electronics's share was 42.8%, while Micron's share was 27.2%. In the second quarter, SK Hynix's share increased to 31%, surpassing Micron to become the second largest manufacturer.

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