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A knife electric car that can pull airplanes! Aerospace power system helps to travel, high quality is suitable for urban travel

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Shulou( Report--

Nowadays, in addition to all kinds of cars on the street, the most are two-wheeled electric cars. The emergence of electric cars provides more convenience for life, avoiding congestion and cheaper commuting fees. However, when choosing an electric car, how to choose an electric car with both quality and performance has made it difficult for many people. In fact, this problem is not difficult, a superior performance, superior quality knife electric car Qingfeng Xia can be easily solved.

Full of pondering machine armor styling design

Choose an electric car in addition to looking at the materials, you must still have to actually look at the car. I searched the nearby Xiaodao offline store and found that it was not too far away. I went to see the car in the afternoon when the weather was good. There are many types of electric cars in the store, but I still see the knife Green Vanguard at a glance.

Qingfeng Xia, the aerospace power department of the knife electric vehicle, has a strong visual impact. Compared with other models, there is no insensitivity and sharp lines. The whole electric vehicle presents a body armor shape with a rich sense of design, especially for people like me who do creative work. And this car has a lot of colors, black, dark green, silver, brown and white, each of which is endowed with a unique style. I have to say that the design of this car is really advanced and fashionable.

What I like most is this brown-and-white color matching, the sun shines through the smooth-painted body, the milky white is softer, and the cool-looking electric car becomes easier to control. Especially when riding out, blending into the streets with high color saturation will look particularly good.

Stronger power, knife technology, comfortable and safe travel

I am very satisfied with the shape of Qingfeng Xia, the aerospace powertrain of the knife electric car, but the performance still needs to be tested by myself. Although I don't know much about the electric car, I can still try out whether a car is suitable for me. After communicating with the staff in the store, he went out the door.

Although the body of the green vanguard is still wide, girls will not feel too much pressure to sit on it. The front high and low seats are designed to make the seat feel very comfortable, and the front pedals are wide enough that the legs and feet will not be uncomfortable. After sitting down and starting the car, a very strong impulse rushed me out, which surprised me. However, although I can still feel the sense of strength after riding for a while, the good thing is that the body of the car is very stable.

Riding a knife electric car, the Qingfeng Man made a few laps around the nearby streets and parks. When I encountered a slope, I rushed, and when I encountered an uneven road, I went up. My friend later said that I could really build it, but the purpose of a test drive was not to "do something." the clerk said I could try it at will. However, the power of the green vanguard with a small knife is really powerful, and it is easy to go up the steep slope, so it seems that this car is also very suitable for riding to the field.

On some uneven gravel roads, because the shock absorption of Qingfeng Xia, the aerospace powertrain of a small knife electric car, is better, apart from passing through the deceleration zone, I don't feel much turbulence at other times.

I met several interested shops and made an emergency stop several times during the cycling time. Unexpectedly, the brake response of Qingfeng, the aerospace powertrain of the knife electric car, was particularly sensitive and timely, and it stopped after a few steps.

Many details are good, and the practicality is full.

Generally speaking, I have almost had enough experience here. After all, I don't know much about electric cars, but after carefully turning around and observing this car, I really found a lot of small details that I like, which can be regarded as additional items. These small details are sometimes ignored, but when things are put to good use, they bring a strong sense of surprise.

First of all, what I like most is the storage space of this car, which is really enough. The pedals mentioned above are in a wide position to put objects, and there is a small storage area in front of them, where mobile phones or water cups can be placed. There is also a bucket with sufficient capacity under the seat, which is very convenient if you make an appointment with friends to go out to play.

In addition, in the process of riding, in addition to some performance of the hardware, I found that the tires of this car are particularly powerful, the grip is particularly strong, and the wear resistance is also very good in the gravel section.

After the trial ride, I am very satisfied as a whole, long in my aesthetic design, enough for the overall performance of the town trip, and full of surprise details. At least in my place, Qingfeng Xia, aerospace power department of knife electric car, is a rare good car!

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