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China's "heaven and earth" cross-border cooperation: a new generation of railway backup power products are put into operation, using aerospace battery modules

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Shulou( Report--, December 4, according to news from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, recently, a new generation of railway intelligent uninterruptible power supply system developed and launched by Shanghai Aerospace Power Technology Co., Ltd., Aerospace Burke (Guangdong) Technology Co., Ltd. and Heilongjiang Ruixing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has been released in Shanghai.

On November 28, the new product was officially put into operation at Liushu Station of Harbin Railway Bureau. Liushu Station is located in Liushu Town, Nancha County, Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province. it is the middle station of the branch of Harbin-Jiamusi Railway (Nancha-Wuyiling Railway). It is an important transportation hub. The opening and operation of Liushu Station marks a successful cross-border cooperation between heaven and earth, and it is also an important innovation in China's railway signal field, which is of milestone significance.

▲ Tuyuan China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, according to reports, the uninterruptible power supply of Liushu Station is designed according to the length of unattended standby power, and adopts the latest aerospace floating charge and smokeless battery module, which can provide high-quality uninterrupted power supply for railway signal equipment for more than two hours in the case of abnormal power grid, and effectively improve the efficiency of resource utilization. At the same time, lithium iron phosphate battery has better low-temperature characteristics than lead-acid battery, which can provide more reliable power backup in high-latitude cold areas, and provide a strong "power preservation" support for railway safe transportation. learned from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation that this year, the products of the tripartite cooperation will also be put into operation at nine stations, including Xintian, Renghulu, Taiyanggou, and so on.

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