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The ideal car apologized for the uncivilized driving behavior of the test car, and the test company said it would fire the driver.

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Thanks to netizens grass Luo Yuzi, West window old clues delivery!, December 4 (Xinhua)-- ideal car, Qingdao Yuzhe responded to a recent online rumor of uncivilized driving behavior on Weibo this afternoon.

An apology issued by Qingdao Yuzhe said that at 14:57 on December 3, 2023, the company's driver, Liu, had committed acts endangering road traffic safety while driving a test car in Shenzhen, and had asked the driver to deal with traffic violations immediately. He also apologized for the driver's serious violation of traffic regulations and the resulting negative impact on the manufacturer.

Qingdao Yuzhe also said that Liu's behavior has violated the requirements of the manufacturer's agreement and will dismiss Liu, the employee involved, according to the company's employee code.

Ideal reposted the above Weibo and apologized for the traffic safety risks caused by the move. At the same time, ideal Automobile claims that it has reiterated to all road test engineers and related suppliers the importance and seriousness of complying with traffic laws and regulations.

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The news, originally posted by blogger @ Pangfang _ shen, posted on Weibo yesterday afternoon that an ideal MEGA test car changed lane to block a normal vehicle and that all three people in the blocked car were his friends. When the vehicle was about to leave the tunnel, the MEGA solid line changed lanes to block the video shooting car, but fortunately it did not cause an accident.

The blogger responded later: his friend (apologized to the ideal car and test car company) expressed satisfaction that the testers' traffic violations will continue to be dealt with by the Shenzhen traffic police.

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