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The first integrated development project of pumped storage + hydropower station in China has been built in Xinjiang.

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Shulou( Report--, December 4, according to China Electric Power Construction Group Co., Ltd. (China Power Construction), recently, the construction ceremony of Xinjiang Hejing County pumped Storage Power Station and Gunhabuqile Hydropower Station, which was surveyed and designed by China Electric Power Construction, was held, marking the official opening of the country's first project for integrated development and operation of pumped storage and conventional hydropower.

According to reports, the two power stations are all surveyed and designed by the Northwest Institute of China Power Construction Institute. For the first time, the project "binds" the pumped storage power station and the hydropower station from the beginning of planning and design, with integrated development and operation, with a total installed scale of about 2.36 million kilowatts. Hejun Habuqil Hydropower Station Reservoir will be used as the lower reservoir of Hejing County pumped Storage Power Station at the same time. Aerial view of

▲ Tu Yuan China Power Construction, Hejing County pumped storage power station project with a total installed capacity of 2.1 million kilowatts. In Xinjiang power grid, it mainly undertakes the tasks of peak regulation, valley filling, energy storage, frequency modulation, phase modulation and emergency backup of power system.

The Gunhabuqile Hydropower Station is the fourth stage power station in the hydropower development plan of "two reservoirs and seven levels" in the middle reaches of the Kaidu River in Xinjiang, with an installed capacity of 257,000 kilowatts. The power station is mainly composed of dam, discharge structure, diversion power generation system, ecological power station and so on.

China Electric Power Construction said that the development and construction of the two projects will lead to the development of more than 8 million kilowatts of photovoltaic energy base for the integration of 10 million kilowatts of water and light storage in the Kaidu River Basin and northern Bazhou. It is estimated that after all the construction is put into production, 3.9 million tons of standard coal and about 11.73 million tons of carbon dioxide can be saved every year. It is of great significance to promote the optimization and adjustment of energy structure and promote the development of local economy in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region.

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