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The poll of "Top Ten Commodities of the year on Taobao 2023" opened, with Einstein's brain and virtual mosquitoes on the list.

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According to news on December 4, Taobao announced the opening of the "Top Ten Commodities of the year of Taobao 2023" vote. Taobao announced 21 shortlisted products based on product search popularity, sales data and Taobao hot search index in 2023. After netizens' voting and media experts' review, Taobao finally produced a list of the top 10 most representative products of the year.

Interestingly, a product called "Einstein's brain" was selected, and the seller said that the product that did not ship without physical objects would automatically grow into the minds of buyers. included merchandise:

Horse skirt

Hole shoes

The Art of War

Soy sauce latte

Zibo barbecue

Customized lights for the concert

Virtual mosquito

Einstein's brain


Portable battery of Nuclear Energy

Dopamine wear

Coenzyme Q10

Scold and awaken the brain of love

Black plum sauce

Zhuozhou book refueling bag

I can't hide the same money from Zhao Ruth secretly.

Around the panda

Dinosaur anti-wolf doll

Put all your eggs in one basket movie tickets

Military coat

Mosquito seal

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