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What brand of bags is better in Korea? CTHULHU skillfully combines artistry with practicality

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Nowadays, young people's pursuit of fashion is no longer limited to clothes and shoes, and the status of bags is becoming increasingly prominent. Especially in the cold winter, people are more bloated and thickly dressed, so they hope to get an elegant bag to show their taste. Unlike the domineering style of Europe and the United States, the small and fresh tone of Korean style seems to be more popular with domestic consumers. So, what brand of bags is better in Korea? Compared with the big brands of traditional luxury bags, the CTHULHU brand shows more minority personalization, adding a different color to everyone's winter wear.

It is reported that the word "CTHULHU" comes from American literature and is the "sleeping god" in Cesuru mythology. The bag concept of Korean local small bag brand CTHULHU is "business card that can hold things". It uses the theme background of "God's creation" to construct the past, present and future, and accurately knocks the hearts of female consumers with classical avant-garde fashion sense.

CTHULHU has always made great efforts to create products and interpret its spirit of "awakening a better you". The brand creates a high-quality product experience in an all-round way through edition, fabric and craftsmanship, and lights up the design in a unique elegant style, pays attention to the details of the bag, combines utility and beauty in the bag, breaks the barrier between urban women and fashion, explores more possibilities for women, returns fashion to nature, and gives consumers a rich choice of clothes. With strength to answer consumers' question about "what brand of bags is better in South Korea?"

What bags do you recommend in Korea? CTHULHU canvas bucket bag is unique.

Bucket bags are handbags that look like buckets. Since the launch of the first bucket bag Noe in 1932, this round and playful design has become a fashion style.

Take the actor Xu Xiaonuo's single item-CTHULHU canvas bucket bag as an example, it is based on high-quality canvas material, after fine craftsmanship, the body is clean and stylish, tough and durable. Secondly, CTHULHU's canvas bucket bag is also quite distinctive in appearance. It uses a simple design style, with classic canvas with low-key and elegant brown, creating a stylish and elegant atmosphere. At the same time, the body has smooth lines and unique shape, no matter it is portable or shoulder and back, it can show the user's unique taste and personality, which is suitable for all kinds of occasions.

CTHULHU canvas bucket bag

What brand of bags is better in Korea? CTHULHU Todd bag inherits the classics

Tote bag, also known as Todd bag, is one of the common bag styles. "Tote" originally means to carry and carry, so Tote Bag generally refers to open handbags that can carry considerable capacity and have parallel handles on both sides. It can be installed and not easily outdated, both popular and environmental protection, commuting, shopping, vacation can be carried, the bag pocket can be placed in an orderly manner a variety of objects, details reflect the function.

CTHULHU Todd basket bag

On the other hand, CTHULHU's tote basket bag, with its simple and neat design, is deeply loved by the star Qiuqian. Its selection of high-quality grain lychee cowhide material, clear texture, smooth feel, both compact and durable, raising the bag texture to a new level.

In addition, compared with other similar products on the market, CTHULHU not only has a beautiful appearance, but also is gentle enough to bear weight so as not to make people feel cumbersome. It looks small, but the capacity can fully meet the daily needs of girls. Mobile phones, lipstick and pressed powder air cushions can all be put into it, skillfully merging the artistic sense and practicality pursued by mature women.

Generally speaking, if you do not know what brands of bags are better in Korea, take a look at CTHULHU. Regardless of design, color and capacity, CTHULHU can meet the high-quality needs of exquisite women. In addition, CTHULHU has many other bags, such as Crescent stick bag, Kelly bag, pillow Tot bag and so on, which will be the icing on the cake for the general public in winter wear.

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