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Promote the transformation of industrial digitization and open source ecological development open source industrial software competition hot registration

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In the process of global industry moving towards digitalization, networking and intelligence, industrial software, like the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, plays a very important role. As an important means to promote the deep integration of digital technology and real economy, industrial software can help industrial enterprises to speed up the pace of digital transformation and fully improve the efficiency of production and operation.

In order to speed up the digital transformation of the industrial sector and promote the ecological prosperity of open source, the first Open Atomic Open Source Competition (hereinafter referred to as the contest), led by the Open Atomic Open Source Association, has also set industrial software as one of the main tracks. Since the start of the race on August 29, the track has been online for a number of events and is currently in hot registration.

Closely related to the actual demand, well-known enterprises and scientific research institutions jointly build competition items.

Industrial software covers many categories, such as system software, application software, middleware and embedded software, which can provide strong support and optimization for actual industrial production, and help enterprises to improve production efficiency, reduce cost and improve quality.

The industrial software track of this competition is jointly built by well-known enterprises and scientific research institutions, such as Comac Shanghai Airlines, China Shipbuilding Scientific Research Center, China Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute, etc., and the events are closely related to the actual needs of industrial applications. Among the six events that have been launched so far, they involve EDA and chip design, CAE software commentary, CAE software development and integration, the implementation of specific algorithms in the shipbuilding industry and the acceleration of simulators in the oil industry. Teams are invited to demonstrate their real talents and knowledge from the perspectives of algorithms, code comments, development and integration.

In addition to the deadline for registration before the "efficient solution of asymmetric dense Matrix Linear equations" competition, the other five events are still open to software developers, and more new events will continue to be launched. Details of the five open entries are as follows:

OpenDACS Open Source EDA and Chip Competition (registration deadline is February 28, 2024): a total of 10 questions in five directions, focusing on digital design, analog design, chip manufacturing, chip packaging, processor design automation, generative chip design and other areas of the integrated circuit industry.

CAE Open Source Industrial Software commentary Innovation Competition (the deadline for application is December 30, 2023): the participating team can choose one of the seven CAE software (Eclipse Papyrus, OpenModelica, OpenFOAM, SALOME, cfMesh, Scilab, CalculiX) provided by the author to participate in the competition, or choose one other open source CAE software. In the preliminary stage, the participating team shall publish original technology blogs related to code comments in public technology forums, official accounts and other channels around all aspects of the selected open source software code; or at the same time upload innovative research results based on the selected open source software on AtomGit, reflecting the innovative application potential of the software and the value capabilities related to the actual needs of the industry.

Ship structure finite element meshing algorithm Competition (registration deadline is January 16, 2024): the participating team needs to develop an efficient meshing algorithm based on ship geometric model files in STEP and IGES format to realize line meshing of one-dimensional parts such as hull rods, beams and stiffeners, as well as triangular and quadrilateral meshes of plane or curved surfaces such as plane grillage and shell surface. Without limiting the methods adopted by the participating team, you can not only use Delaunay method, Advancing front technique and other traditional grid generation methods to develop, but also use a new grid generation method combined with artificial intelligence to meet the functional requirements; the development language preferred to use C++ language, but also can use Python, Java and other languages.

Large-scale asymmetric indeterminate bandwidth Linear Algebraic equations solving algorithm Competition (registration deadline is January 16, 2024): committed to the implementation of the underlying iterative algorithm for ship fluid CFD software. Using the linear algebraic equation group coefficient matrix and the right end item generated by the ship hydrodynamics CFD software NaViiX software for a ship model as the input of the competition, the winners provide a total of 6 system of equations matrices and right end terms of two grid sizes and three velocity components (u, v, w) in the preliminary stage. The participating team needs to design an accurate, efficient and stable algorithm according to the characteristics of the linear algebraic equation group coefficient matrix. The author takes the comprehensive weighting of the calculation accuracy (under the given convergence criterion) and the calculation efficiency (the total CPU time from running to the end of the program) as the index to evaluate the solution algorithm.

Open Source Industrial Software Product Integration Competition (application deadline is February 1, 2024): the participating team should develop based on FastCAE open source domestic CAE software integrated development platform. The project covers the core industrial software technologies such as open source computing program development and integration, geometric modeling engine development and integration, grid generation program development and integration, visualization program development and integration, and so on.

Set up huge bonuses for excellent developers to solve practical problems

In order to attract more outstanding developers or teams to participate in the competition, gather everyone's technical skills to solve practical problems in software development and application, the competition set up a huge bonus. As far as the industrial software track is concerned, the total prize for the six events that have been launched is as high as 3.15 million yuan, and the prize for a single event is as high as 700000 yuan.

There is no threshold, no fee and no restriction for this competition. Any organization and individual at home and abroad can enter the competition. Excellent industrial software developers, in the face of such a good opportunity, still hesitate? You can not only show your hard strength in industrial software, but also gain a sense of achievement in solving practical industrial problems, and the key is also a high bonus to wave to you. In such a stage where you can kill more than one stone, should you take action?

In addition, in the course of the competition, the participating team can also get professional guidance from technical experts to further improve their skills. For the award-winning team, their works will get the opportunity of industrialization, while the winners will get the internship and employment of the head company, as well as the opportunity to participate in the open atomic open source mentor program.

This competition is a high-specification, high-level, high-standing open source technology competition with a total investment of more than 50 million yuan. In addition to the industrial software track, the competition also has three tracks: basic software, emerging technologies and applications, and algorithms, all of which have set up novel, diverse, practical and interesting events.

Welcome to log on to the official website of the competition, learn the details of each event in the industrial software track immediately and sign up for the competition, and give full play to your talents on this open and shared open source stage!

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