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Sony's new patent exposure: using AI to dynamically adjust the difficulty of the game to adapt to "back-to-pot players"

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Shulou( Report--, December 4 (Xinhua)-- Sony recently submitted a new patent in the US Trademark Office, which shows that Sony is developing a new game assistance feature that can dynamically adjust the difficulty of the game to adapt to the "back-to-pot players" who have not played for a long time. learned from Sony patents that Sony plans to provide tips for players who are away from the game for a period of time, and to equip the game with an AI that can monitor and learn the player's behavior. The AI will track the player's success rate in combat and other tasks, thus dynamically adjusting the difficulty of the game to help players adapt to the difficulty of the game.

▲ Picture Source Sony in addition, the AI will automatically generate a "essence summary" based on the player's behavior in the game and the game progress, and provide it when the player re-challenges the game, so that players can sum up their own game style, create a "Hall of Fame" or help players sum up their experience and defeat their opponents in an easier way.

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