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The sound is extraordinary! Xinji Meizu MYVU AR smart glasses are equipped with the overall acoustic solution of AAC technology.

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On November 30, MYVU all-weather fashion AR smart glasses were officially released. Two new products, MYVU and MYVU Discovery, are equipped with AAC AR software and hardware integrated acoustic solution. AR dedicated superlinear loudspeaker, custom cavity design, far-field muffling acoustic algorithm, Golden ear team tuning service, four sound tips blessed, internal and external repair, to achieve an unbounded immersive auditory experience.

AAC AR special superlinear loudspeaker, extremely thin, excellent sound quality

MYVU AR smart glasses are positioned as "all-weather fashion AR smart glasses". In order to achieve the extremely light texture and experience, the MYVU team continues to explore cutting-edge technology and continue to break through product technology. There are also more stringent requirements for the selection of loudspeakers laid out at the foot of the ultra-thin mirror-small size, light weight, and no sacrifice of sound quality.

AAC AR special superlinear loudspeaker is currently the smallest superlinear loudspeaker in the industry with high performance, making it an excellent choice for Star Meizu MYVU and MYVU Discovery. In terms of lightness, the weight is as light as 1.45g, the thickness is as thin as 3mm, and the rectangular design fits perfectly with the feet of the mirror to meet the high demand for lightness, comfort, beauty and fashion of Meizu MYVU and MYVU Discovery; in terms of performance, the amplitude is up to 0.5mm and the resonance frequency is as low as 230Hz, creating excellent high fidelity sound quality, clear and balanced alto, rich and powerful bass, and rich sound details.

In addition, two AR special superlinear speakers symmetrically arranged at the feet of both mirrors create "spatial sound surround sound" for MYVU and MYVU Discovery. When users "I" watch movies and play games at home, they can feel the immersive sound experience of the unbounded blending of virtual and reality.

Custom cavity design, open sound field leak prevention, private listening experience

How to protect users' privacy under open sound field design has always been an important challenge for AR glasses acoustics technology. AAC AR special superlinear loudspeakers adopt innovative open sound field leak proof design, which can greatly reduce sound leakage through unique leak hole and main sound hole layout. Compared with the mainstream AR products on the market, the low frequency isolation increases nearly 10dB, ensuring that sound is transmitted only in the user's ear. Even if users are in public places such as airplanes, high-speed trains and subways, they can enjoy a private and moving listening experience without having to worry about sound leakage affecting others.

The acoustic algorithm of "far-field muffling" makes the internal force work deeply and the pleasant sound quality is more pleasant.

Star Meizu MYVU and MYVU Discovery are the first QQ Music "Zhenpin certification" panoramic sound external AR glasses, through the joint adjustment with AAC technology to adjust the "far-field muffler" acoustic algorithm, to enhance listening privacy at the same time, further optimize the sound clarity and balance, make the sound quality more natural and transparent, and let the medium and low frequency sound effects better restore, sound effects more rich and realistic. According to the AAC acoustics laboratory test, its high-frequency performance has also been significantly improved, and its high-frequency performance is nearly 50% higher than that of mainstream AR products. When users go out with MYVU and MYVU Discovery, they can keep immersed in the audio experience at any time, and immediately enter the state of high volume after audio adjustment, so that they can enjoy the outdoor entertainment experience even in a noisy environment.

* Photo Note: AR special superlinear loudspeaker + "far-field muffling" acoustic algorithm

Give Meizu MYVU and MYVU Discovery better low, medium and high frequency performance

The "far-field muffling" acoustic algorithm jointly adjusted by both sides mainly includes: EQ correction frequency response: optimize frequency response, improve tone balance and sound restoration; DRC regulation dynamics: optimize sound dynamics, maximize the impact of music while retaining the original sound characteristics; Limiter limiting protection: control signal amplitude, prevent high frequency distortion TDC transient correction: enhance sound intensity, improve fidelity ViB subwoofer enhancement: enhanced low frequency, simulated subwoofer.

Golden ear team tuning service, "sound coach" blessing, to protect excellent sound quality

AAC Technology Golden ear team conducted a comprehensive evaluation and meticulous adjustment for the audio systems of Starry Meizu MYVU and MYVU Discovery, focusing on the overall sound quality, and ingenuity to polish a more outstanding sound effect: the human voice is clear and bright, full of luster, and the overall sense of natural fluency, helping MYVU and MYVU Discovery to pass the "Golden ear" selection certification evaluation of China Electronics Audio Industry Association.

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