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Microsoft releases Win11 Beta preview version Build 22635.2841 and begins to delete Steps Recorder

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Thanks to netizen Gin Ke, soft media new friend 2010825, Microsoft to fear the clue delivery!, December 5, Microsoft has released the latest preview of Windows 11 for Windows Insider on the Beta channel. The build number of this update is 22635.2841 (KB5032286), including some major changes and bug fixes.

Beta Channel Update members can turn on a switch to take the lead in using some of the new features. Turning off the switch means that these features will not be available to them immediately, but they will get some additional features that will be available to all Beta channel members.

The updated contents of are as follows:

Changes and improvements (for Beta testers who turn on the switch) [general]

The step logger (Steps Recorder) will not receive any further updates and is scheduled to be deleted in a future version of Windows. Starting with this release, the step Recorder (PSR.exe) displays a new banner notification to guide the user to select another tool. Users are encouraged to explore other tools in Windows 11, such as the screenshot tool, the Xbox game bar, or Microsoft Clipchamp.

[sharing nearby]

If you turn on nearby sharing through Quick setup or directly in Settings, and you turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it will turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so that nearby sharing will work as expected. If you turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, nearby sharing will also be turned off.

Fix (for Beta testers who turn on the switch) [Task Manager]

Some work has been done to help improve performance when extending the navigation pane in the Task Manager.

Fixed an issue that caused the task manager to crash when changing the always on top mode.

Fixed an issue where the drop-down menu in the settings floated on the screen when scrolling.

New features (available to all Beta testers) [new widget board settings]

We updated the widget setup experience to provide users with more ways to customize the widget board experience. One of the new settings allows you to display widgets only on the widget board, while the other makes it easier for you to discover how to personalize your feed content.

The new setup experience also allows you to select accounts to use for widgets and sources supported by Microsoft Start. This means that you are no longer limited to using the account you used to log in to Windows to drive these experiences, just like the widgets supported by other applications. You can navigate to the "Microsoft Start" setting under the "personalize your content" section of the widget board settings to easily manage the accounts used by Microsoft Start. This change allows you to further personalize the experience according to your preferences. The experience of the new settings is not limited by region.

[we started introducing this feature to Windows Preview experience members on Canary, Dev, and Beta channels today, so the experience has not been made available to all Preview experience members, as we plan to monitor feedback before pushing it to everyone.]

Feedback: please submit feedback in the feedback center (WIN + F) under Desktop Environment > widgets.

Changes and improvements (available to all Beta testers) [settings]

The optional features previously listed under Settings > applications have been moved to a separate page under Settings > system.

Fix (available to all Beta testers)

New! You can use Copilot in Windows through ALT + Tab. When you press ALT + Tab, a thumbnail preview of Copilot in Windows is displayed in other thumbnail previews in the open window. You can use the Tab key to switch between them.

New! You can use Copilot across multiple monitors in Windows. Press the Copilot in Windows taskbar button on the display taskbar of the Copilot that you want to display in Windows. To display Copilot on the last open monitor in Windows, press WIN + C. If you are using the keyboard, press WIN + T to place the keyboard focus on the taskbar. Then go to the Copilot button in Windows to turn it on on any monitor.

New! In the next few weeks, you may see Windows Spotlight set as the default background. This can happen when your background is set to an inbox Windows image.

This update addresses issues that may affect the cursor when writing in Japanese. The cursor may move to an unexpected location.

This update addresses issues affecting File Explorer. The options in the left pane show the status of the error.

This update addresses issues that affect remote Desktop Web authentication. This issue may prevent you from connecting to sovereign cloud endpoints.

This update addresses issues that affect settings. When device encryption is turned off, it stops responding.

This update solves the problem that affects the cursor. In some screen capture scenes, the motion lags behind.

This update resolves issues that affect the File Explorer window. When you don't expect them, they appear at the front desk.

This update addresses issues affecting Windows Sandbox. If your computer's locale is not American English, File Explorer will stop responding.

This update addresses issues affecting File Explorer. When you press Shift + F10, the shortcut (context) menu does not open.

This update affects the shortcut (context) menu. Now, when you open it in Desktop and File Explorer, its performance is better.

This update resolves issues affecting .RAR files. They are displayed as empty in File Explorer.

This update addresses the issue that caused the IE mode to stop responding. This occurs when you open multiple IE mode tabs.

This update addresses issues that affect the IE schema. When there is an open modal dialog box, the web page stops working as expected.

This update addresses the issue that caused the IE mode to stop responding. This occurs if you press the left Arrow key when the empty text box is focused and caret (cursor) browsing is open.

This update addresses issues affecting 32-bit GDI-based applications. They stopped responding. This happens when they are running on a 64-bit Windows operating system that uses more than 2 GB of memory.

This update addresses issues that affect applications you download from Microsoft Store. They stop responding and do not update.

This update addresses issues that affect hardware that uses PresentAt functionality. When the video is played full screen, the power consumption will increase.

This update resolves an issue that affects the Copilot icon in Windows on the taskbar. When Copilot in Windows is turned on, it does not appear active.

This update increases the speed at which Copilot in Windows opens from the taskbar.

This update addresses issues that affect the trusted site zone login policy. You cannot manage it using Mobile device Management (MDM).

This update affects Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE). It supports conditional access (CA) scenarios.

This update affects the Dutch time zone. It adds the nearest man-made land outside Rotterdam to the shape file.

This update resolves the leak issue in volatility notifications. This may prevent you from logging in to your computer.

This update addresses issues affecting Advanced Audio Encoding (AAC) decoders. It does not work well on some websites that set the wrong input sampling rate.

This update addresses issues affecting remote direct memory access (RDMA) performance counters. They did not return the network data on the virtual machine in the correct way.

This update addresses an issue that prevents you from reconnecting to an existing remote Desktop session. Instead, you will get a new one.

This update addresses issues affecting Windows LAPS. Its PasswordExpirationProtectionEnabled policy cannot open this setting.

This update resolves the application cursor problem. The cursor changes from a hand to a cursor in the wrong case, or the cursor disappears. These problems occur when an application uses the WebView2Standalone XAML control.

This update addresses issues that may affect Microsoft OneNote. When you right-click with the pen to open it, it may fail.

This update affects dynamic lighting. It reduces the amount of power used on your device.

This update addresses issues affecting some computers. It prevents them from downloading voice recognition packages.

The following are known issues [widgets]

[new] Microsoft 365, Outlook calendars, and to-do widgets fall into an error state when the Microsoft Start source is disabled.

[new] when you re-enable the Microsoft Start feed, you may encounter load delays.

[new] after the source is hidden, the announcement from the Microsoft Start source is still displayed on the taskbar.

[new] when the source is enabled or disabled, the widget board should be automatically closed and reopened.

[new] the keyboard navigation that returns to the top-level settings page from the settings subpage is corrupted.

[new] incorrect spacing and fonts are used in some settings pages.

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