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It has little impact on users, and Turtle, a new blackmail software for Apple Mac users, has been exposed.

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Shulou( Report-- December 5 news, cyber security company Objective-See founder Patrick Werdel (Patrick Wardle) recently released a report, said that recently discovered a new blackmail virus Turtle for Mac users, but so far the impact on consumers is not significant.

The new blackmail virus Turtle is derived from "Turtlerans" and "TurmiRansom" used in the malware code, as well as files prefixed with the name "TurtleRansom".

A preliminary breakdown of the example's zip file shows that the malware has been compiled for many popular platforms and architectures, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.

The macOS .pkg file is not a package, but a Mach-O executable compiled for Intel and Apple Silicon Mac.

The malware was originally developed for the Windows platform and subsequently migrated to the macOS platform.

At present, although the malicious blackmail software has been signed and can be on the Mac device, because it is temporarily signed and not notarized, macOS Gatekeeper will prevent the user from performing the installation by default, and will not install it on the device without the user's permission.

"by default, the average macOS user is not likely to be affected by the blackmail software," says Mr Werdel.

Apple has also taken steps to "quite aggressively mitigate ransomware attacks on macOS", implementing SIP and read-only system volumes to protect core operating system files, and TCC protection of user files in protected directories to help reduce the impact of ransomware.

The security report address is attached to, which can be read in depth by interested users.

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