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Meizu MYVU AR glasses are sold first today: equipped with Flyme AI model, with a hand price of 2499 yuan.

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Shulou( Report-- December 5 news, Meizu MYVU AR glasses have now opened the first sale, the initial price is 2499 yuan.

According to reports, MYVU AR glasses are lightweight, weighing only 43g, with resin diffracted waveguide lenses, the peak brightness of the eye is as high as 2000nit, and the volume of the new binocular pure color machine is about the size of a drop of water.

This new product is equipped with Meizu's new Flyme AR system, which supports click-confirm, double-click back, left-swipe selection, right-swipe selection, long press to return to the desktop and other operations, important notifications can be instantly reminded, but also support translated content, Wechat sending and receiving, travel navigation, phone calls and other functions.

In addition, the system also carries the Flyme AI model, which is based on the deep integration of the AI model and traditional speech capabilities, and supports text processing, intelligent question answering, semantic understanding and other functions, known as "redefining speech assistant".

According to, MYVU supports a variety of interaction methods, such as mirror leg touch, voice interaction, smart ring and App trackpad. As of the date of release, the product only supports models such as Meizu 20 Mate40/50 21 series, Huawei Mate40/50, Huawei P40 max 50 series, Xiaomi 12max 13 series, iPhone with iOS13 and above, while other models are waiting to be adapted. Meizu MYVU AR smart glasses 2499 yuan direct link

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