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Xiaomi home hot water dispenser S1 on the shelf: 3L large water tank + 3 seconds fast heat, to hand price 249 yuan

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Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! December 5 news, Xiaomi home hot drinking machine S1 has now been put on the e-commerce platform and put on sale, to the hand price of 249 yuan. learned that the water dispenser is a desktop design with a 3-liter water tank; using fine porcelain heating technology, water is quickly heated through ceramic pipes, which can be heated in 3 seconds; and equipped with multiple sensors such as temperature and water flow, the intelligent chip automatically adjusts the heating power according to the sensor real-time data to achieve accurate temperature control.

The effluent temperature of the drinking machine can be adjusted per 1 ℃ in the range of 40 ℃ ~ 90 °C to meet the water temperature needs of mothers and infants to prepare different brands of milk powder and drinks; the default outlet temperature of four blocks, normal temperature, 45 °C for brewing milk, 75 °C for brewing tea and 95 °C for boiling water, can meet the different drinking water needs of the whole family.

In addition, the "child lock" is automatically turned off when the effluent temperature of the drinking machine is lower than 50 °C; when the effluent temperature is higher than 50 °C, it automatically "locks" to prevent children from misoperation and scald; supports intelligent identification technology, and automatically lights up the screen and wakes up the machine when it senses that the water cup is placed in the water box.

In terms of hygiene, the product uses food accessible materials from the water tank to the internal heating system and the outlet pipeline, and has passed the third-party inspection certification, which can intelligently clean the water in the pipeline. Xiaomi home hot water dispenser S1249 yuan direct link

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