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The yellow bell test of "Yanyun Sixteen tones" was set on December 15, and the 5-minute real machine PV was announced.

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Shulou( Report--, December 5 (Xinhua)-- Yanyun Sixteen tones, a domestic open-world martial arts game developed by EVERSTONE, announced the launch of the Huang Zhong test on December 15, and recruitment has now been launched on the official website.

At the same time, the official release of "Yanyun Sixteen tones" 5-minute real-time PV:

Huang Zhong, one of the traditional twelve laws, originated from the ancient percussion bell music, and its sound is the loudest and loudest, corresponding to the mid-winter moon. In the world of Yanyun, the yellow bell is also the first of the sixteen tones, its voice is powerful, can shake mountains and rivers, and the earth contains all spirits, which represents the mountain geography of Chinese civilization and the beginning of all things. It was the middle of winter and Yanyun came.

As previously reported by, Yanyun is still developing single player, team, and online multi-mode, which claims to provide nearly 30 hours of single plot experience, more than 150 hours of single exploration experience, multiple large-scale compound levels, a large number of explorations and puzzles, and high-quality large-scale multiplayer online content.

In terms of multiplayer games, the official claim that "multiplayer mode can accommodate thousands of people online in the same area", players can carry out large-scale "script kill" play games. The unfolding of the plot is by no means a stereotyped reading, but according to the setting of different identities, you can experience completely different ways of playing.

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