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Miss the ultrasound, it is reported that Xiaomi's new size folding screen phones are unlocked by side fingerprints.

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Thanks to netizens Pianke Saohuang 4100 eyes, Huake high achiever, soft media Xinyou 1933769 clue delivery!, December 5, according to the blogger @ digital chat site today, Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 folding screen, vivo's Pro model supports ultrasonic fingerprint unlocking, Xiaomi's size and size are both side entity fingerprints. noted that the current sale of Xiaomi MIX Fold 3 folding screen phones use side fingerprints to unlock, do not support off-screen fingerprint unlocking. Although there are reports that Xiaomi Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 oversized cup model (expected to be Xiaomi 14 Ultra) has begun to test the "single point ultrasonic" fingerprint scheme, it seems that Xiaomi's new folding screen phone may not be able to do so.

▲ image source vivo official website according to, wide-area ultrasound and single-point ultrasound are the two ways of ultrasonic detection of mobile phone tattoos. The transmission range of wide-area ultrasound and single-point ultrasound is different, and the sensitivity is different.

Wide-area ultrasound refers to the occurrence of ultrasonic from multiple parts, according to the reflected wavelength to complete fingerprint detection, the range of ultrasonic transmission is wide, and the sensitivity is high; while single-point ultrasonic is the detection mode of sending ultrasonic from a point, the range of ultrasonic is only near the point where the ultrasonic is sent.

Since the beginning of this year, there have been multiple reports of Xiaomi's upcoming vertical small folding phone. Blogger @ Digital chat Station previously revealed that the Xiaomi vertical small folding prototype uses a domestic new substrate centered single hole flexible straight screen, buffer protection frame control can also be used, using miniaturized water drop hinge, the overall design square is strong. However, the blogger did not disclose the configuration of the new machine or when it was released.

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