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Hisense Home Appliances has won several "senile" awards and continues to meet the needs of "silver-haired" users.

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Recently, under the guidance of the China Federation of Light Industry, the winners of the second Light Industry Innovation products and Intelligent Health Solutions Competition, jointly sponsored by the China Light Industry Information Center, the China Light Industry Development Research Center and the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, were officially announced. With its insight into the users of the "silver hair group" and the strength of industry-leading product innovation, Hisense Home Appliances (SZ 000921 HK 00921)'s Hisense bright air conditioning C200 series comfortable, healthy and aging products, Rongsheng WILL605 borderless refrigerators and intelligent health aging washing machines won the "Smart Home Appliances Innovation" award. And won the Silver hair Award, Care Award, Health Care Award and other three individual awards. At the same time, Hisense Intelligent Health and comfort Environment Control system won the first prize of "Smart Care-innovative solution works".

Population aging is not only an important trend of social development, but also the basic national conditions of our country for a long time in the future. Data show that in 2022, there were more than 280 million people aged 60 and above in China, accounting for 19.8 percent of the total population. It is estimated that in 2035, the number of people aged 60 and above will exceed 400 million, accounting for more than 30% of the total population.

However, when using smart phones, smart TVs and smart home appliances, many elderly people do not understand, use or learn well, facing digital disability and intelligence gap, and the development of aging products lags behind the market demand.

In order to better meet the needs of the elderly for multi-level and diversified products, since its launch in July 2023, the competition has been strictly selected through pre-project solicitation, selection, expert review, online voting and so on. A total of 69 works won the first, second and third prizes, including 11 first prizes, 19 second prizes, 26 third prizes, 13 excellence prizes and 23 individual prizes. There are 5 ingenuity design awards, 5 silver hair quality awards, 6 caring wisdom awards, 6 health care awards and 1 best popularity award, which are currently the authoritative aged products selection in China.

Hisense Home Appliances has always put "user demand" in the first place. With the acceleration of the vitality of the "silver hair" industry, Hisense Home Appliances focuses on the pain points of "silver-haired people". In-depth understanding of the actual needs of the elderly for the intelligence, comfort and convenience of home appliances, and provide a quality life experience to Jane Youai by continuously strengthening the innovation of intelligent technology and the upgrading of product experience.

In 2023, with technological innovation and awareness upgrading, professional scientific research team and accurate demand positioning, Hisense Home Appliances successively won many industry authoritative awards such as "Top 100 Enterprises in China's Light Industry Science and Technology Award", "Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong" and "Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises". It also won the second place in the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Foshan in 2023, highlighting the "benchmarking" strength of household appliance enterprises. In the aspect of "leading the advanced manufacturing with intelligence as the core", Hisense home appliances show strong technology accumulation and innovation ability.

According to the financial report, the operating income of Hisense Home Appliances increased by 13% in the first three quarters compared with the same period last year; the net profit of returning home increased by 126% compared with the same period last year; and the net profit of non-home appliances increased significantly by 165% compared with the same period last year. Among them, the net profit of home ownership increased by 106% in the third quarter compared with the same period last year, and revenue and profit continued to grow strongly. The total market capitalization of Hisense Home Appliances listed companies has exceeded 30 billion in 2023, and its performance has exceeded market expectations for three consecutive quarters, which has pushed up the stock price, which has risen by the limit many times, and reached an all-time high since it was listed in 1999.

This award is the recognition of the excellent product power and brand strength of Hisense household appliances, and also the affirmation of Hisense household appliances practicing "user-centered" thinking and leading the market consumption trend. In the future, Hisense Home Appliances will adhere to the concept of long-term doctrine and technology, play a leading role in smart brands, continue to focus on the user needs of different groups, expand the product matrix, and enjoy hundreds of millions of happy families with high-quality products and services.

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