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2023 one Dan Award Summit: exploring the Wisdom of Education

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The 2023 Yidan Award presentation ceremony and the Yidan Award Summit were successfully held in Hong Kong. Mr Li Jiachao, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative region, officiated at the prize presentation ceremony held on December 3. The Yidan Award Summit held on December 4 attracted people from all walks of life, such as policy makers, education experts and representatives of charitable foundations, to jointly explore innovative ideas in educational research and practice and bring quality education to more people. Bernard Chan, Chairman of the Solidarity Hong Kong Council Foundation, delivered a closing speech for the Yidan Award Summit. Dr Choi Ruolian, Director of the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative region, attended the Yidan Award Summit.

In his welcome speech at the summit, Dr. Chen Yidan, founder of the Yidan Award, stressed that ideas can light up the spark of innovation in the face of the global challenges of education. "visionary educators believe in the power of ideas, and their common vision makes people realize that all students have the potential to succeed and must have the opportunity to succeed," he said. it also inspires people to re-examine and build excellent classroom and teaching practices, inspire people to conclude that quality education can benefit everyone. And the actual actions of educators are constantly changing education, which makes their beliefs stronger. "

Today's world is changing rapidly, learners need to have creative thinking and critical thinking in order to develop in an all-round way and actively integrate into the world. In his opening speech at the summit, Joe Colombano, director of the Office of the United Nations Coordinator in China, discussed the meaning of the quality of education in today's educational context. He stressed the importance of educational innovation, pointing out that more resources are needed for global education. Kong Lannuo believes that education should go hand in hand with economic development; apart from helping young people find jobs, education should also become a way for learners to realize their potential. Quality education is not only one of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, but also an important driving force for achieving all sustainable development goals.

Michelene Chi, winner of the 2023 Yidan Education Research Award and distinguished professor of "Dorothy Bray Science and Teaching" at Mary Loughton Teachers College of Arizona State University, discussed the theory of ICAP cognitive interaction with professors from the University of Hong Kong. For example, how to provide teachers with an efficient teaching framework, improve teaching methods in different learning scenarios from kindergarten to higher education, and improve students' learning effect and so on. Professors introduce how interactive, constructive and proactive learning activities cultivate students' autonomy and encourage them to actively cooperate in learning.

[professor Ji Qinghua (second from left), winner of the 2023 Yidan Education Research Award, spoke with professors from the University of Hong Kong (first to third from right) in a panel discussion on "Student-centered Teaching: how to put Theory into practice"]

During the second panel discussion of the summit, Dr. Laura Savage, Executive Director of IEFG, had a conversation with Dr. Rukmini Banerji, 2021 Yidan Education Development Award winner, Vicky Colbert, 2017 Yidan Education Development Award Laureate, and Wendy Kopp, founder and CEO of Beautiful World. Three hands-on education leaders shared their experience of building a common vision, developing local-based collective leadership, while helping learners change their lives through education and successfully promote social progress. In their view, strong cooperation between basic education and the government and civil society is essential; every individual, from parents to university students, can promote this cooperation.

[(from left to right) Dr. Laura Savage, an education expert, spoke in a panel discussion with three members of the Yidan Award Ming Hall, Dr. Luke Mini Banerjee, Vicky Colport and Wendy Kopp in "promoting Educational change: educational Creators of the Integration of knowledge and practice"]

The third discussion at the summit focused on how the new model of higher education can break down the barriers of insufficient degrees and high costs. Shai Reshef, winner of the 2023 Yidan Education Development Award, had a "fireside chat" with Professor Arthur Levin, a distinguished scholar in higher education at New York University, to discuss how higher education can keep pace with the global digital knowledge economy. Mr. Reshef believes that making full use of online open source technology can enable more students to benefit from higher education.

[2023 Yidan Education Development Award winner Xia Reshef (right) and Professor Arthur Levin (left) had a "fireside chat" with the theme of "changing higher Education: establishing a New Model of inclusive Education"]

In the final discussion of the summit, the 2020 Yidan Education Development Award winners Lucy Lake (Lucy Lake) and Angie Murimirva (Angeline Murimirwa), Beniela Raza Jamil (Baela Raza Jamil), chief executive of Pakistan Education and Awareness Center, and Ruth Kagia, former global director of education of the World Bank, discussed how to put marginalized and vulnerable children in the first place. Create a better world for all learners. They believe that inclusive education requires a brave and firm stand: every student should be educated and protected in the process of growing up. In this process, policy makers and educators should be duty-bound to cooperate closely.

[the 2020 Yidan Education Development Award winners Lucy Lake (first from left) and Angie Murimirva (second from right), spoke in a panel discussion with Ruth Kagia (first from right) and Beniela Raza Jamil (second from left) on "paying attention to marginalized and vulnerable groups: inclusive education policies". ]

In his closing speech, the Chairman of the Solidarity Hong Kong Council Foundation, Bernard Chan, stressed that the quality of education is as important as Education for all. All the discussions at the summit confirmed the important role of education in creating an inclusive and sustainable world.

2023 winners join the Yidan Award International Community

At the 2023 Yidan Awards presentation ceremony held on December 3, the 2023 Yidan Education Research Award and the 2023 Yidan Education Development Award were officially awarded to Professor Ji Qinghua and Xia Reshef, respectively, in recognition of their outstanding contributions in creating opportunities for learners and helping learners realize their full potential. Two 2023 winners joined the Yidan Award International Education Community and became members of the Yidan Award Ming teacher Church.

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