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Weilai launched a variety of accessories for NIO Phone: quick charge kit from 129yuan, transparent shell from 29yuan, etc.

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According to on December 5, NIOPhone was launched in September this year, and officials have put on a number of new accessories for the phone today, including fast charging, shell film and so on. learned that the "quick charging kit" costs 159yuan, the charging head costs 129yuan, and it supports 100W proprietary protocol to charge NIOPhone. It claims to charge the phone in 10 minutes, 35%, 52 minutes, 100%. In addition, the charging head is also compatible with 45W PD protocol and 60W PPS protocol.

In addition, Weilai has also launched a protective film and official TPU clear water shell for NIOPhone, of which two pieces of PET film is 25 yuan, and the clear water shell is sold for 29 yuan, which claims to be able to "closely fit the real machine."

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