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500000 bonus! The AI development framework construction and optimization competition for RISC-V architecture is waiting for you to fight!

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Nowadays, artificial intelligence technology has been widely used in many fields, and shows a trend of rapid development, while RISC-V architecture is a potential open instruction set architecture (ISA) standard. The AI Development Framework Construction and Optimization Competition for RISC-V architecture is the track set up by the Open Atomic Open Source Competition, which is hosted by Open Atomic Open Source Association, CCTV Network, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, etc., and the track is hosted by openKylin Community, Kirin Software Co., Ltd., University of National Defense Science and Technology, Xinchuang Haihe Laboratory, and sponsored by Xuan tie, Beijing Computational Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Saifang Technology Co., Ltd.

A number of academicians and authoritative organizations were invited to sit down in the competition, and the judges were professors, scholars and experts from leading enterprises.

Since the competition was officially opened for registration on December 1, the Competition Organizing Committee has held a number of publicity sessions at Luoyang Institute of Technology, Fujian University of Technology and Beijing University of posts and Telecommunications both online and offline, aiming to promote open source culture, interpret open source competition questions, help students sort out their ideas for the competition, answer their puzzles, and encourage students to actively participate in the competition.

Through this competition, the aim is to explore how to combine artificial intelligence technology with RISC-V architecture to achieve the goal of high performance and low power consumption. This competition can effectively promote the application of artificial intelligence technology in different fields, improve the performance of AI algorithm under RISC-V architecture, reduce energy consumption, and promote the development of AI chips, which has a very broad application prospect.

Details of the competition are as follows:

Project introduction

OpenKylin (Open Kirin) Community is an open source community jointly created by basic software and hardware enterprises, non-profit organizations, community organizations, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and individual developers. It aims to build a partnership ecosystem with enterprises through open source and open ways with enterprises on the basis of open source, voluntary, equality and cooperation, with the core of "co-creation" and the community concept of "open source and create the future". Work together to create a top desktop operating system community and promote the prosperity and development of Linux open source technology and its software and hardware ecology.

Since its inception, openKylin has independently built the RISC-V open source desktop operating system version from the source code level. Currently, it can support multiple hardware platforms such as HiFive Unmatched, VisionFive2, LicheePi and SG2042 EVB, support more than 80% of the mainstream RISC-V chips in the market, and jointly released the world's first RISC-V notebook computer, ROMA, with Deep Mathematical Intelligence. At the same time, the openKylin community R & D team also optimized the UKUI desktop environment based on RISC-V instruction set and GPU, and adapted to common software such as openKylin self-development software, Libreoffice, browser, audio and video playback and programming development.

Competition task

This competition requires developers to be based on openKylin open source operating system and RISC-V hardware platform:

Framework adaptation: adapt to run more than one mainstream AI framework, including but not limited to TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, Keras, MXNet, PaddlePaddle, Mindspore, etc.

Application development: based on the adaptive AI framework, can run a representative AI model, or develop AI application software, so that AI applications can run on openKylin systems

Framework optimization: according to the hardware characteristics of RISC-V chip, the accelerated optimization technology of AI framework for RISC-V architecture is studied, so as to effectively make use of the hardware characteristics of RISC-V to provide efficient AI basic environment support for the operation of artificial intelligence tasks. (optional, plus sub-item)

Tournament schedule

(1) Registration stage: all participating teams sign up online on the competition website.

(2) preliminary stage: the submission of the preliminary competition includes, but is not limited to: entries (application for works, introduction to PPT, main contents and effects of other products / solutions, etc.).

(3) preliminary judging: the judging experts will score according to the preliminary judging rules, and the top 20 teams will enter the finals.

(4) the final stage: the teams that advance to the finals can be further optimized and improved on the basis of the preliminary entries.

(5) final judges: they will be scored according to the judging rules, and the final team results will be awarded all kinds of awards after the comprehensive score of the work defense link in the finals.

Competition bonus

Sign up for the competition

The official registration website of the event:


Sign up for QR code:

At the same time, scan the QR code below to add friends and reply to the "Open Atomic Open Source Competition" to enter the communication group.

Competition requirements

(1) instructions for registration

All relevant units, universities and individuals at home and abroad can sign up for the competition free of charge, and the number of teams is unlimited.

All members of the participating team (captain, member) are required to sign the community individual CLA (

The co-founder provides RISC-V cloud platform or development board for each team.

(2) requirements for works

-the entries must meet the requirements of the competition title and the direction of the competition title of the competition station, and the title of the work should reflect the main features of the competition title.

-the entries must be original works, do not infringe any other people's patent rights, copyrights and other intellectual property rights, and must abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the State, otherwise they will be disqualified.

-the participating team can continue to promote the iterative upgrading of the work without changing the name and main functions of the work, and the work submitted for the last time in the competition schedule is the entry.

During the judging period, the participating team shall submit the relevant materials of the entries in accordance with the requirements of the organizing committee.

-the work must be detachable from the original development environment, have a demo running environment, and be able to compile / run on the test account provided by the organizing committee or provide its own compilation / running environment.

-the work allows others to open source code, but it must indicate the dependency between the source and other open source code on the basis of maintaining the original copyright. When submitting a work, the role and proportion of other open source code in the work must be clearly stated in the analysis and design document. The work should be able to run correctly and achieve the desired results.

-the work should be consistent with the functions described in the design document. If it fails to achieve all the functions described in the design document, it should indicate the proportion and importance of the unrealized functions. All submitted entries and related materials will not be returned in principle.

Notes for entry

The requirements for the official start of this competition are as follows: the number of registered teams is at least 60, and the number of submitted works is at least 30. If you fail to meet the requirements of the registration team or the number of works submitted, this competition may be postponed or suspended, and the co-founder of this competition (openKylin community) will give you a written notice.

Event statement

1. In principle, all award-winning works need to be open source, and if there are special circumstances, they can be partially open source with the collective decision-making consent of the final review experts.

2. The final interpretation of the competition belongs to the Open Atomic Open Source Association and the co-founder.

3. Open Atomic Open Source Competition Supervision contact: Liu Yanfei, email:, Tel: 010-59258678 ext. 8010.

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