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"GTA6" officially predicted that the number of broadcasts exceeded 65 million, and foreign media summarized the hidden details of the game.

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According to news on December 5, R Star released a trailer for "GTA6 (Grand Theft Auto VI)" at around 7: 00 this morning. As of, the official trailer has exceeded 65 million views within 15 hours, making it the most watched non-music video in 24 hours in YouTube history.

The record was previously held by channel owner MrBeast, who had 216 million subscribers. His video "7 Days Stranded At Sea", released on August 5, 2023, was viewed 4600 times in 24 hours, while the trailer for "GTA6" broke the record in just eight hours.

This film, set in Sin City, will bring the first female protagonist of the series, which is expected to be released in 2025., combined with a number of foreign media observations, collates some of the details of the game as follows:

Dodo seaplane: this work will continue "GTA: sin City", with posters of the dodo seaplane, it is expected that the game will provide flyers and other "publicity" branch or main tasks.

Parallax mapping technology: this work will have parallax maps similar to those in Marvel Spider-Man 2 and the GTA trilogy: remaking, allowing players to view the "internals" of the building.

A variety of aircraft from "GTA 5" and "GTA Online": the trailer shows that this work has a variety of aircraft from the previous work.

Ray tracing: the game significantly shows the global light reflection tracing effect, in addition, the car window rearview mirror and so on also have reflection.

Low bottom car: this book will continue to have low bottom car and American "Low-rider" hip-hop street rock elements.

Character modeling detail improvement: game characters now have more realistic clothing textures, facial and hair details, as well as rich movements

Large freighters and navigable small and medium-sized cruise ships: the trailer shows a number of small and medium-sized cruise ships operated by NPC, as well as a large cargo ship on the move

In-game "short video" social networking: a long part of the trailer introduces the content of "short video" in the game. In addition to undertaking the "protagonist completes the task, news push" element of "GTA 5", this work may have more strategic elements, such as the need to prevent NPC from filming the relevant criminal process when committing a crime.

Perspective improvement: the game will have a "police chest camera perspective"

Improved natural environment: the game will have a more realistic surface water system and more animal species, such as Chihuahua, Crocodile and so on.

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