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It is reported that McDonald's launched the native application development of Huawei Hongmeng, and the signing activity was exposed.

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Thanks to netizen music class Ye Xianglun, AN_SIR, dream has friends, fireworks youth, YI_HUI, 0x13217 D4, sleepy Xiaoyuan, Sinner, Xiao Zhan cut, Duck needn't clue delivery! December 6 news, according to blogger @Adak Feng Wolf Juxu recently revealed that McDonald's has started Hongmeng native application development.

Photos shared by the blogger show Huawei and McDonald's China holding a Hongmeng cooperation signing and kick-off event. However, as of, the official has not announced the news.

At Huawei's full-scene new product launch conference held in September this year, Yu Chengdong officially announced that Hongmeng's next version of HarmonyOS NEXT is ready for launch, and Hongmeng's native application is fully launched. Yu Chengdong said that Hongmeng native apps will bring a historic leap forward in the mobile app ecosystem, making it smoother, smarter and safer.

Huawei recently revealed that enterprises and developers in many fields such as finance, travel and social networking have announced to join Hongmeng Ecosystem for six consecutive years to develop Hongmeng native applications. is currently announcing native adaptation to Huawei Hongmeng's main applications: (launched)

Same-way travel (started)

Happy Dissipation (Completed)

Meituan (activated)

Where to go (activated)

Sina Weibo (launched)

Graphite documentation (completed)

Nail (activated)

Fly normally accurate (activated)

Little Red Book (Completed)

Station B (activated)

Sunflower (activated)

58 City (activated)

Anju Guest (activated)

Gaode Map (Started)

Look at the cartoon (started)

Get (Started)

Zhejiang Communication Brain (activated)

Ovi Interactive Map (activated)

Mavericks Electric (Signed)

Softcom Power (Signed)

Three Kingdoms Kill series game (completed)

China Construction Bank (activated)

McDonald's (signed)

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