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Domestic starter! OPPO identity key technology, a new function of Andean trust space, takes the lead in breaking through the ecological barrier.

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Recently, OPPO officially released "next-generation Fast identity Authentication: OPPO identity key" at the 2023 developer Conference (ODC 2023). The identity key technology based on the Andean trust space made an important debut, and OPPO users are about to usher in a new technology era of password-free secure login account.

As another secret weapon of the Andean trust space, the identity key was discussed as soon as it was released. Many models such as Find X6, FindX N3 and one plus 11 will be able to experience this new feature after upgrading ColorOS 14, and with the official release of OPPO Reno11 phones with ColorOS 14.0, the discussion has become more and more heated.

Password management is a notoriously difficult problem for ordinary users. Simple passwords are not secure and complex passwords cannot be remembered. The increasingly complex password management seems to be becoming an invisible burden in today's digital life.

Since Apple announced its new password authentication function Passkeys in 2022, password-free authentication technology has aroused widespread concern and discussion in the industry, and giants such as Microsoft and Google are also accelerating. As the first domestic mobile phone manufacturer to independently develop identity key technology based on biometric authentication and can be used across multiple terminals, OPPO will work with Apple, Google and Microsoft to promote the arrival of the password-free era.

OPPO identity key technology based on Andean trust space capability, on the one hand, enables accounts to have a higher security level through powerful encryption technology, ensures the security of user information and assets, on the other hand, is compatible with rapid identity authentication industry standards, seamlessly docks Passkeys of Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc., helps ecological security and excavates more possibilities of the future account system.

The new era of "next generation trusted digital identity key", which is more secure without password, is coming to us.

[adding passwords to passwords has become a new burden in digital life]

Enter your account number and password, click to confirm, and enter the website, which is a familiar way for everyone to log on to the Internet. In the face of different applications and platforms, we always need to re-create one password account after another, and in order to ensure the complexity of passwords, we often need case, special symbols, limited combination strength and so on.

In addition to complex passwords, it is often necessary for mobile phone CAPTCHA code or other secondary CAPTCHA code authentication, which is the upper layer of the password. Adding passwords to passwords may sound weird, but as we use more and more network services and need to remember more and more passwords, password reuse becomes a big problem in order to reduce memory costs. Once stolen, it will cause a string of personal accounts to lose security. In order to protect users' fragile repeated passwords, CAPTCHA and other forms are also forced to do so.

Even so, many people still show carelessness to passwords in real life, otherwise the weakest passwords ranked by "123456" for many years will not be surpassed by "password" until this year.

The increasingly complex password management seems to be becoming an invisible burden in today's digital life. Simple passwords are not secure and complex passwords cannot be remembered. Traditional password, the most common way of security authentication, has obvious disadvantages.

As the first mobile phone manufacturer in China to achieve cross-end and cross-platform identity key function, OPPO users can bid farewell to the traditional password login form by registering the identity key in the future, and can log in only once through facial or fingerprint authentication. Cross-device and cross-ecological OPPO identity keys can also be used by multiple users at one time, bringing users a more convenient and secure digital life experience.

[OPPO identity key enables next-generation fast authentication]

As early as when the FIDO Alliance put forward the concept of security key, OPPO has already begun a very forward-looking in-depth study of this technology. Thanks to years of technological research and development in the digital identity key industry and the Andean trust space, OPPO can take the lead in launching identity key technology based on biometric authentication and can be used across multiple terminals in China, enhance the Andean trust space capability and break through the industry ecological barriers.

The process for a user to create an identity key on OPPO is very simple, almost exactly the same as unlocking the phone screen, and very close to the user's habits. After the creation is successful, when users log in to other platforms or websites that support identity keys, they only need to click the login button of the access key and complete the login after a fingerprint or facial verification.

If you want to log in to an application or website using a non-OPPO device, can you not use the identity key stored on the OPPO device? OPPO has considered this for a long time. The identity key technology based on Andean trust space capability is compatible with industry standards and seamlessly connects with Apple, Google, Microsoft and other Passkeys, so it can achieve cross-device and cross-ecological security at the technical level. For example, when users want to log in to a website on iPhone, they can click to log in with a general key, select the QR code, and then use the camera code of the OPPO phone to complete identity authentication to log in successfully on iPhone. In this case, mobile phones and tablets with cameras are transformed into physical keys to easily achieve cross-platform and cross-ecological login.

Under the blessing of Andean trust space, OPPO identity key technology can reduce the trouble of password input encountered by users in digital life, without tedious password memory or even account number memory. Moreover, identity authentication through identity key, using fingerprint or face, is not only faster and more convenient, but also the success rate is much higher than the traditional method. More importantly, multi-terminal synchronization is carried out through the OPPO codebook, which is a burden relief for more and more users of multi-terminal devices.

Most importantly, the OPPO identity key uses the portable mobile phone as an authenticator, combined with fingerprint, facial and other biometric identification, which is much higher than the traditional account password in terms of security, and is a new guarantee of the Andean trust space.

No matter in terms of convenience or security, password-free login will be a major trend in digital life in the future. OPPO is the first to take this step, there will be more and more domestic manufacturers to follow in the future, and continue to popularize in more fields. Digital security and authentication, security, identification and anti-theft of smart home / IoT / car system, public service, education and other authentication scenarios can be more convenient and secure by virtue of the application of identity keys.

The identity key function of the Andean trust space may not be as intuitive as hardware, shape, screen, camera, etc., but it really starts from the pain points of the user's daily experience and solves real problems. In the future, with the further improvement and popularization of identity keys, users will be able to realize the convenience of password-free identity authentication in more cross-platform and cross-system services.

The integration of ease of use and security has always been one of the focuses of OPPO.

Released on the same day as OPPO identity key technology based on Andean trust space capabilities, there is also the high-profile Andean Great Model (AndesGPT). The Andean Great Model (AndesGPT) is an OPPO independent training, personality exclusive large model and agent. As the core engine driving OPPO's AI strategy, the Andean model comprehensively empowers OPPO intelligent terminals, continuously builds knowledge, memory, tools, and creative capabilities, and brings hundreds of millions of users a new individual intelligence experience through AI agents and multimodal dialogue paradigms combined with terminals.

Technology is developing by leaps and bounds. Whether it is the Andean trust space, the identity key, or the Andean model, all benefit from OPPO's years of technological precipitation and innovative research and development in the Internet industry. A more convenient and secure era of digital life has slowly begun.

Under the horn of OPPO, a new era of "next generation trusted digital identity key" is coming to us.

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